Friday, July 1, 2011

Hanging Around

So, it looks like Julianne will be here until at least Tuesday. She will continue to get IV antibiotics to combat the infection they found today. She will need to be on antibiotics (most likely oral) for a month. In a few to several months we will return to Boston for Julianne to get a pacemaker. If you didn't see the last update, Julianne did not get a pacemaker today because when they opened her up they found infection around the pacing wires. More than likely they became infected after they were placed last Spring. Thankfully, the infection has remained contained all this time! She wasn't running fever or anything. Had the infection spread to her bloodstream, it could have been very dangerous. We thank God that was not the case! Also, there was no fluid around her heart and that's great news as well! As Lifesongs would say, "God is good all the time."

Julianne was pretty irritated to wake up with multiple IV lines, a drain and a breathing tube. The good news is that she was extubated this afternoon! She seems to be in a little better spirits tonight. Please pray that the antibiotics clear up this infection business and that Julianne can be contented while spending time in a place she doesn't really care for. Tonight she asked to go to her swings, go home and go to her "Boston bed" at the Devon Nicole house. We really are grateful for your prayers for all of us! How wonderful to know we are covered with your prayers as we go to sleep tonight. I will update again tomorrow WITH pictures! I couldn't get pics to upload from my phone. :-/


Anonymous said...

I'm awed by how God is constantly protecting His little girl! We will keep praying for that protection :)
Judy & Neal H.

Anonymous said...

I was in the middle of hugging my pillow last night when this update came in (1:38 AM my time) so I am sorry that I was unable to pray God's special blessings over y'all before y'all went to bed! I am constantly amazed at how much Julianne can physically & emotionally endure because the provision of the Holy Spirit and love of her parents/grandparents enables her to do so!

I will pray that our gracious heavenly Father will bestow healing in accordance with His holy will. We see how in the Bible time and again how He provided for his SON! There's nothing He is unable to do when it is according to His purposes! <><, Mark

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
We are so sorry that the surgery must be postponed, but very thankful that this infection was found and is being treated. Praying for each of you. Love, Jan W.

Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry that things didn't go as you all had hoped. But am happy that the infection was found! Blessed as always... little JuJu.
Love you all,
Aunt Gnomie

Anonymous said...

I am thanking God for protecting sweet Julianne by revealing the infection in time.

Praying for infection to be cleared and Julianne's recovery from the insision already.

I love the pictures from the day at the Swan boats! The picture of Julianne and Mommy sticking feet in frog pond is so cute.

I love you all and please give Julianne a kiss for me.

Love Aunt/Great Suzette

Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.
(Psalm 2:12)