Monday, April 29, 2019

We're Still Here!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with y'all that Julianne is headed to Boston for Neurodevelopmental and Cardiac testing that is part of a long-term study she's been in since she was an infant. You know those studies that say, "We followed 345 people for 20 years...." and you're like "who does a study for that long?" well it's Julianne and many of her heart friends! All testing is non-invasive and will be done over a couple of days. My mom will be joining Julianne and I and we hope to get to do a few fun Boston-y things while we're there!

We would appreciate prayers for Julianne that she would receive a good report and that she'd be patient and calm during the process. We are so thankful for her and for the continued good health God has allowed her! She is excited to do this and to get to see the city she's seen pictures of and heard so much about but doesn't remember. :)

I hope to begin updating more on this blog, rather than Facebook, because I miss it!  Also, Julianne is really loving writing these days and she plans to post a few things as well! So, hopefully you'll be hearing from us a lot more often!
Orange Beach, November 2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Wow! It's been a long time!!

Julianne is doing GREAT! She had her annual Cardiology appointment a couple of months ago where they upped her Enalapril but other than that no changes. We are thanking God for Julianne's continued good health!

I also wanted to share a video of Julianne singing and playing piano at her home school co-op variety show yesterday. We are so thankful for the boldness and courage God has given her!

Monday, February 20, 2017

2nd Annual Heart Hero Hustle

Hi everyone! Last year a very sweet lady that Kent used to work with made this beautiful quilt for Julianne out of all of the past years' heart walk shirts!
I'd been contemplating ending our team Julianne shirts for a little while and with this quilt complete, I think it's a great time to end the shirts for now.

In addition, this year, instead of the American Heart Association (AHA) Heart Walk, we are asking Team Julianne to attend the Louisiana Pediatric Cardiology Foundation (LPCF) Heart Hero Hustle with us on Saturday, April 1st! 2nd Annual Heart Hero Hustle

The AHA is a wonderful organization and we are truly, truly grateful for all they do to keep hearts healthy! We will continue supporting them in any way we can! However, the LPCF is a local organization that provides grants to families (including ours) travelling for heart surgeries. Just take a look at the grants they provided in 2016!

The LPCF also provides free heart screenings for teen athletes. You know how you hear those stories about a healthy teenager suddenly collapsing on the soccer field and dying? Extremely sad. This is what the LPCF is trying to prevent with these screenings.
"Each athlete receives an EKG and Echocardiogram, both analyzed by a local pediatric cardiologist. To date, LPCF has screened over 4,500 student athletes from high schools in the Greater Baton Rouge area and beyond. Over 300 athletes have been identified as having a cardiac abnormality."
They're doing so much good in our area that we feel Team Julianne's support would be best used by the LPCF! I would love to tell you more about the LPCF! Ask me when you see me! Also, check out the website  We would LOVE for you to join with us in supporting an organization that's helping local kids, just like Julianne, survive and live full lives!

So, if you would like to join us for the LPCF Heart Hero Hustle here's what you do:

1.  Read the information about the Heart Hero Hustle and decide if you want to do the 5K, the 1 mile fun run or the awareness walk or a combination of those!

2. If you're doing the 5k or 1 mile, register for either the 5K or the 1 mile fun run on the website. Both of these come with a t-shirt. If you're doing only the awareness walk it is not necessary to pre-register, however participants are encouraged to order shirts to support the LPCF! Order shirts here. 

4. Pick up your race packet and/or t-shirts (you can also have your shirts shipped) or let me know and I may be able to arrange to pick yours up!

5. Personalize your t-shirt with Julianne's name on the back (you can DIY it or when ordering your shirt they can personalize it for you for an additional fee) or wear a "Team Julianne" button! Let me know if you need a button as I will need to order them ahead of time. They're 75 cents each. I need all button orders by Sunday, March 12th!

2.25" Button/Pin Available for shirt personalization
6. Meet us at the Lamar Dixon Expo center on April 1!

Read the webpage for full information! Let me know if I can help you get your shirts/packets and let me know if we should be on the lookout for you on April 1st!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

9 Year Old Checkup

This happy kid had her 9 year old check up today and moved up from .06th percentile to .16th! 😂 She's got a tiny body with a big personality! She's 45 inches tall and weighs 45 pounds! She's doing great all around and follows up with her Endocrinologist next month!! We are truly, truly, immeasurably and completely thankful for that! Thanking God for growth too!!! ❤️ She's doing really well and is especially loving drama this school year! She loves jumping on trampolines and watching Soul Surfer (Bethany Hamilton story) and Miracle Worker (Helen Keller story).  She has a great imagination and one of her favorite things to do is act out "scenes" on the trampoline!! Thanks for checking in and for praying for our girl!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Not Sure What That Was...

I guess that was a random spam post this morning. So, while I was on here deleting it I figured I'd post a quick update!

Julianne is doing great for the most part! She has had a busy summer and I don't thing either one of us are ready for school to start again! One thing she especially enjoyed this summer was drama camp! If you know Julianne, then you know that is right up her ally! She had so much fun singing and dancing and performing.

This past weekend we went to a water park to celebrate Kent's birthday (only a month later than his actual birthday)! Julianne LOVED it! She rode every slide at least three times! She climbed to the top of every slide  tower we NO HELP AT ALL! It was awesome. Here's a video of her on the racer slide. It's really hard to see...she's the little, dark dot you'll see going down the slide! Ha ha!

Julianne is, unfortunately, having stomach problems again. We've tried all the usual remedies but it just continues to linger. She has an appointment to see her G.I. doctor at the beginning of August. Hopefully he will be able to help her.  In the good news department, Julianne had her 6 month Cardiology check-up and everything has been so good that she is now on an annual check-up schedule!!

Thanks for checking in on Julianne. She continues to amaze us and we continue to be beyond thankful for all God has carried her through!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Heart Walk 2016

The 2016 Heart Walk is right around the corner! We'd love for y'all to join us in person or even from afar! As usual, we have team Julianne t-shirts available! They're $12 each and are available in youth and adult sizes up to 4XL. Email, call or text me if you'd like to order one. I need all orders by March 21st. We'd love for you to join Team Julianne! Visit her heart walk team page to join!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Eight Years Old

Eight. EIGHT! EIGHT YEARS OLD!!!! I can hardly believe my little sweetums turned eight.  Time is just flying by.  Sometimes I start to feel sad that she's growing so fast, but then I am quickly reminded of what a blessing and miracle it is that she IS eight years old! God is always happy times and hard times and I pray that Julianne will cling to that all her life!  This post is definitely a happy one!!!

I love planning parties! So when Julianne requested a Wheel of Fortune party I couldn't have been more excited to make it happen!! We watch "the Wheel" every night and it was the perfect year to do this for her! Fortunately, Julianne's family was willing to help make it great! Kent lovingly (and that a word) built her wheel and puzzle board AND played the part of Pat Sajak, Grammy was a fabulous Vanna, Grandpa created the sound effects, Papa was in charge of party favor production, Mimi was a party hostess AND decorator and Aunt Laura generously volunteered to be the photographer! We couldn't have done it without y'all!!!!

I just love her face in this picture!! We have the same photo from the reverse angle on Instagram! (AdventuresInCapertonning)

Big money!!
I'd like to solve the puzzle!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful, smart, funny, tiny, Julianne!
We Love you so very, very much!