Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Update With Some Good News

We got some good news during rounds this morning. It appears, judging by Julianne's lack of symptoms and what the cultures are showing, that the area of concern is not a true infection started by some type of germ. Instead, it was more than likely her body reacting to a foreign object being placed inside of it (the pacing wires). The cultures are growing some bacteria but not a specific type yet. They will continue growing them for a week or more.

The great news is that because she's not "infected" she won't have to be on IV antibiotics for a month. She will have a couple more days of IV antibiotics and then switch to oral just to be on the safe side. The plan would still be to return in a few months for another attempt at pacemaker placement.

Like I said, quick update. :-) We will update more later! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

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ccape8 said...

Thank God for that much - we'll continue praying for everything to go well. So glad you guys got a free 1/2 day to ride the duck boats! Boston is beautiful in summer :)