Monday, May 2, 2011

What Happened to Texas?

When Julianne had a low heart rate episode the week before we were supposed to go to Texas, we began to wonder if it was safe to travel while we still weren't sure what was going on. We prayed that God would give us direction as to whether or not we should go. At the same time, we waited for Julianne's Cardiologist to give us his opinion.

I emailed the Cardiologist on Thursday. We waited throught the weekend with Julianne off of one of her meds. She seemed to do ok. Sunday night (Easter) I started feeling really sick...fever, heart palpitations, chills, body aches. The next morning wasn't any better. My mom went to the store for me and Kent came home from work early. I thought I was just getting a bad virus. I continued to have fever the next day and on Wednesday I finally went to the doctor. I woke up that morning COVERED in a red rash. My normal doctor was on vacation and the doctor who saw me felt that I had a bacterial infection in my sinuses or throat along with an allergic reaction to an antibiotic I was on for a mole I had removed from my foot. I went home with an antibiotic shot, another oral antibiotic and an antihistime. I didn't get any better that day. In fact, it got worse. By 2:30 AM I went to the ER. Turned out, all of the symptoms were from a reaction to the original antibiotic! I got a steroid shot at the ER, oral steriods, and a different antihistime. I'm now FINALLY feeling much better! Gee whiz! I would've never guessed a drug reaction could make you feel so bad.

While I was having my illness, Kent cracked a tooth!! He was in severe pain and after already taking two days off of work to take care of me, had to take another day off to get to the dentist. The dentist informed him he needed a root canal....which took place today.

In the mean time, we were still supposed to leave on Friday for our trip. Well, by Friday, we'd already decided the trip just wasn't happening.

Friday afternoon I got an email from Julianne's Cardiologist that we need to return to Boston for an Electrophysiology evaluation. Julianne's difficulity with the SVT preventing meds seems to mean that there aren't a whole lot of medication options right now. So, they're going to see her in Boston and we'll figure out the best treatment option from there. I should have more details on the trip soon. Oh, and you may be wondering how Julianne is actually feeling...SHE'S FEELING GREAT! She's been the healthiest one of all three of us lately! Ha ha! The only issue she seems to have going on is that she has nothing preventing her from going into SVT right now.

We were pretty disappointed to miss our trip, but soon realized that perhaps God was protecting us from spending the money and leave time on the Texas trip when He knew we'd need it for the upcoming Boston trip. So, while we are sad to miss out on time spent visiting with our families, we are grateful for God's direction in our lives.


Jenna said...

Hi Julianne
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are full of smiles, laughs, love, hugs, cuddles,happiness, joy, spunk, life, courage, bravery, strength and determination, You are a beautiful and an inspirational hero!
I was born with a rare life threatening disease.

Parker said...

GOD does that. Confusing and disappointing at first until we step back and see the big picture. So happy y'all are healthy and safe.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that God gave you all the direction you needed. I am so sorry that you all have had so many health issues lately. I will continue to pray for Julianne not getting any SVT's and that you will find peace in going to see the doctors in Boston. Also praying for Kents healing tooth and your not getting any more mysterious reactions etc.
Love to you all.
PS: Jenna's comments are so true and she doesn't even know you in person. Your are all those things and more.
Aunt\Great Aunt Suzette

Julie Miles said...

Wow, Julianne's getting so big and prettier every day! Sorry you all had to miss your Texas trip and that you all have had a rough time but I agree it seems like God was protecting your time and money for the more important trip to Boston.

Heart Hugs,

Julie Miles (Ethan's mom)

Kristy said...

It is great to see how sometimes even the hard things are meant for our protection. We're sad that you all weren't here this week but are very glad for God's provision in this situation. He works all things to the good...