Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a great day celebrating the reason for our hope. I'm so thankful to have spent a wonderful day with 1/2 of our wonderful family. :)

Now, a brief Julianne update: Julianne has been having some low heart rate episodes. Her heart rate will all of the sudden be in the low 50's. She's super tired when it happens, irritable and just generally miserable. She's also been more tired than usual for the last few weeks. Right now, we're going with the working diagnosis that one of her meds (Verapamil) has been causing these issues. She's been off of the med for 4 days now and so far so good. We're waiting to hear from Boston about a replacement med. We're also waiting to hear from Julianne's cardiologist about whether or not he feels its a good idea to go ahead with a trip we were planning. Please pray that we'll get this low heart rate thing figured out and that we'll know what we should do about this trip.


Anonymous said...

We are "praying without ceasing" for Julianne , for Godly wisdom for her doctors here and in Boston,for Kent and you and Kent as you wait on the Lord. And for decisions only a mommy and daddy can make for their little girl. Love you three so very much , Grammy and sometimes as Julianne teases "MEMAW!"
"I am the Lord your God ,who takes hold of your right hand and says to you , Do not fear;I will help you." Isaiah 41:13

Anonymous said...

She is soooo grown up. We miss you guys. Praying for you.
Jim Caldwell

Anonymous said...

Praying that her heart rate will stablize and you all will not have those worries.

Anonymous said...

So happy that you all had such a beautiful Easter together! Julianne looks like a pro making those Easter eggs. Praying that the doctors figure out exactly what Julianne needs for medication. Praying also that God guides you in making the decision as to whether to travel or not. So sorry that you all have to go through this stressful time again.
God Bless you all .
I love you

Aunt Suzette