Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Have Surgery Dates, a Gymnast and a Dancer

First of all, sorry to leave you hanging since the last update about when we're heading to Boston. We leave on June 29th for pre-op on the 30th. Then, Julianne will have surgery to implant a pacemaker on July 1. Please be in prayer for Julianne's safety and peace as she prepares to undergo this surgery. We'd also love it if you could keep us in your prayers as well, that God's peace would surround as we prepare for Julianne's surgery. :)

Well, we've been having quite a fun, albeit hot, Summer! (I know it's not actually SUMMER yet, but hey, it was 100 degrees yesterday!) I've posted a lot of pictures for y'all! The first are a few of Julianne playing with bubbles with daddy:

Julianne is in love with everything having to do with the sky these days...especially airplanes and the moon:

"I see a airplane!"

"Right there"

Little Lady

Playing hide-and-seek with daddy..."You found me!"

Today we had SUCH a great day!!!! It was "show day" at The Little Gym. The kids get to show off what they've learned during the semester and can invite friends and family to come watch. Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa, Grammy and Aunt Laura were on hand for the show. Julianne was so excited to have an audience and was SUPER excited about show day. Check out just how excited in this video. She was REALLY anxious for class to start:

Action shot

Walking on the beam

Swinging from the bar...not too long ago she was not strong enough to hold herself up like this. So thankful for all that we've seen this girl accomplish. Thank you, God! :)

Getting her medal and certificate

Showing off the medal

Grandpa, Grammy and the gymnast

Two very thankful and pround parents. We love you, Julianne!

Next week Julianne moves up to the next age group at Little Gym. She'll be in a class that does tap, ballet and gym. Oh my goodness...she's growing up so fast. I know she'll do great! We're so greatful that we've been able to have her in the programs at the Little Gym. She's come so far. :)

We appreciate your prayers for the upcoming surgery and we hope that you'll join us in thanking God for the miracle of this little girl's life and for all He's brought her to accomplish!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness what fun! I never heard so much squealing from Julianne in all her little life so far! She was so excited as you can hear on the video. She is so funny ; as we took all to lunch after. at Piccadilly and as she walks into the seating area draws attention her way first by saying "Hi" as she walks by their tables . Then after grabbing everyones attention she says loudly "I need to go poo poo" Then adds to that ," I I want to go poo poo with Grammy (emphasis on "with Grammy") Of course everyone was looking and snickering and then trying to find Grammy as she was walking with Daddy. Anyway, mommy and daddy took care of that problem. I am so thankfulto God for our little miracle and try to absorb every minute of the time I spend with her even if I have to turn down certain above mentioned invitations . Ha Ha LOVE YOU ! Grammy

Anonymous said...

You all will certainly be in our prayers! She is growing so beautifully and is getting so strong!
Love you all
Aunt Gnomie

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you so much for the pictures and the cute video! It is so wonderful to see her so full of life and enthusiasim. Her smiles and excitement are so heartwarming:)

What a gift from God to show that all things are possible through him!

I will pray that God gives you peace in knowing that He is with you and Julianne always. Your faith is so amazing and has carried you through this far and I know will continue to do so.

Will also pray for Julianne's continued health as you go forward to surgery date.

I love you all so much and send you kisses, Hugs and all good wishes wrapped up in a "big" Julianne bow:)

Love Aunt\Great Suzette

Jan Wicker said...

Oh, what a darling girl...beautiful. Thank you for the update. We are praying for the surgery to go well and for your peace of mind throughout this time.
Love, Jan Wicker

...for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Deut.31:6

Anonymous said...

She is just an amazing little girl. I rejoice with you in all that she has accomplished. I so look forward to hearing about Julianne. Will keep you all in our prayers for the upcoming surgery. May God fill you with peace and surround you with his angels while he guides the hands of the doctors in thier work for Julainne. love you guys- Mary Katherine

Anonymous said...

I had a chance to review the pictures and video yesterday before church but did not have a chance to respond until now. Julianne is amazing! Y'all are amazing, by God's grace! This is all kinds of good! As an professional word merchant, y'all leave me speechless! "Oh for 1000 tongues to sing...!"

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful and full of life! Thanks for sharing with us. We will keep you in our prayers. May you feel Gods arms around you and His blanket of Peace over you during this time.
Love In Christ, Adelaide