Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Word of the Day is: Playroom

We went to the playroom twice today! Julianne really likes it in there. I guess she knows no one is going to come mess with her! Ha ha! She had a fun time coloring, playing with balls and puzzles and blocks and rolling around on a mat. She even had a visit from a special lady (see video below).

Julianne's chest x-ray looked a little better today. The Pneumothorax is not of much concern now. The main concern now is a line of fluid that she still has in her pleural area...that's the area between her lungs and chest wall. If the x-ray tomorrow shows that the fluid has decreased there is a chance Julianne could get discharged this weekend! If not, we'll be in at least until the beginning of next week. We've been told that when she is discharged we may have to stay a few extra days for a follow-up just depending on her status at the time of discharge. In addition to the chest x-ray, Julianne has an echo scheduled for tomorrow. I also wanted to mention that EP hasn't seen any rhythm issues come up since she's been on the floor! Thank you, God!! This has always been an area of concern for us, so hearing that was great news!

That's all I've got y'all...a pretty short update. I do have pictures and video though:

Playing with her "pool" again and listening to music

Then she wanted to get in

Look at those toes...

Is it just me, or has she gotten taller?

Seriously, why color with one crayon when you can use two?

A heart for daddy!

In case you couldn't tell, that was a clown in the video above. In typical Julianne fashion, she was happy to tell the clown what she did or didn't want to happen. I think the fatal error of the clown was in telling Julianne that her name was DOCTOR Dazzle. It was kind of over after that. I felt pretty bad about that. She did really like the bubbles though and wasn't nearly as scared as we thought she'd be.

Today was another great day with our baby. That is one great thing about being in the hospital with her. There's no job, no dishes, no errands...just time...time to spend with our JuJu. Such precious days. :)


Anonymous said...

Aww how sweet and you're right she is clear about what she wants and doesn't want! And we finally see mommy too!
So happy she is doing better and praying that all that fluid/air foolishness clears up!
Love you all!
Aunt OMI

Anonymous said...

Maybe Julianne wants Uncle Dutch to blow bubbles with her! Jessica, you and Kent are doing a FABULOUS job. Just hang in there; sounds like you will be going home soon.
We all love you so much. Best Wishes, Hugs and Kisses.
Love Aunt Toni, Uncle Jake and Tyler (he just drove in from San Diego)