Friday, June 4, 2010

Staying Through the Weekend

Julianne's chest x-ray looked "stable" today, which means it didn't really change. Dr. Breitbart and the others were happy that the fluid had not increased and we were too!! They're keeping her on the large amount of diuretics that she's getting now. That means we're definitely still in the hospital for the weekend as they are not comfortable discharging a patient on that amount of diuretics. Its possible that she'll be discharged next week. Julianne's Potassium is low again so they upped the dosage of Potassium. Its a huge amount of liquid! I seriously don't know how they can get a child without a feeding tube to take all of these meds. It must be really tough. I've been thankful that she has a g-tube we can put the meds through.

In the awesome news department, Julianne drank 60ml of water through a straw!!! She does not drink from straws normally. She doesn't have much of a "suck" but she seems to have figured the straw thing out. She may have a swallow study on Monday because of all of the coughing and gagging she does while eating. I have mixed feelings about this...please pray that it will go well.

Today Julianne is 2 weeks post-op. She looks great! Her belly button even came back! I can't remember if I posted that it had disappeared. She had so much fluid in her that her belly button turned into a slit! Ha ha! We did a lot more walking around today, went to playroom, saw the "bouncing balls" in the lobby and went to the garden.

Please continue to pray for Julianne's healing as we finish up our stay here. We are hopeful that she'll be out sometime next week! We'll keep you posted. Thanks again for checking in and, of course, thank you for your prayers!

Check out that belly button!

In the garden with her "lipstick"

The beautiful "Prouty Garden"...such a great place to have at a hospital!


Anonymous said...

oh what a sweet update ! Very happy to read and hear all the good news. Julianne told me so herself! Ha! Ha! Could have been anyone she was talking to but I did enjoy talking to my gram-baby today she lifted my spirits.Julianne loves her bubbles thanks to her Uncle Dutch who introduced her to gigantic bubbles. She squealed and squealed !God Bless you and keep you three in his tender care. love you! Grammie

Lindsay Dean said...

Thanks for the update! She does look great! Prayers continue for your sweet girl!

Rebecca said...

Yay for her belly button! I know I say it every time but she really does look amazing! That last picture of her in the garden is so sweet! You'd never know she was at the hospital.

Continuing to pray for your Sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Wow all such great news. I am so glad she was able to go outside in the garden. I am sure she would have liked to get in the fountain in the garden too!

I didn't see the blog yesterday but the visit with doctor dazzle was funny. I am sure the clown meant well but I may have been a little nervous myself...:)

I will pray that the swallowing test goes well but now it seems like such a minor thing.

Just 2 weeks and look what God has done!! Julianne is such a great example of God's miracles and what faith can do!

Love you all and can't wait to you see you soon.

Love aunt\
great suzette

Anonymous said...

Glad to know her cute lil belly button is back! She's such a trooper!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for a soon discharge, and a happy healthy baby!!
Love Always

Anonymous said...

She looks wonderful and I know that a ride in the garden really boosted her spirits! That is such a beautiful, unexpected place in the midst of the hospital. Hopefully the weather was nice for your outside time. I look forward to hearing more and more good news!

God bless and thanks for the update!