Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Waiting for Things to Grow

Julianne continued to spike fevers throughout the day. They have blood and urine cultures growing and a stool sample being evaluated. We still aren't sure what's going on. We are waiting for something to grow. The urine analysis showed a small amount of bacteria. Whether or not that will grow into something in the culture we'll find out in the next couple of days. We are on day 11 of these random fevers. Up until Sunday they were "low-grade". Now they are pretty much all over 101. That means she's confined to her room. G.I. came by today and we talked a little with him. He stressed me out. She had an echo yesterday and everything looked fine, so it doesn't look like a heart issue. That is a relief. Her chest x-ray looked normal for her and her labs were normal.

Julianne did eat some applesauce today, drank 110 ml total of water and 20 ml of milk! So she did pretty well on her oral intake...for Julianne. She's still on continuous tube feedings and has a few coughs and gags here and there. She is tolerating it for the most part though and that's good.

A funny thing happened last night. I had a nightmare of some sort...I think it may have involved a g-tube...Anyway, when I dream I cannot talk. Its like my tongue is paralyzed! I can't yell for help in my dreams. All I can get out is this high pitched whimper. So, that's what happened last night. In the midst of my whimpering I wake up to hear Julianne saying, "I hear Minnie (as in Minnie Mouse)." I didn't laugh last night because I was half awake, but this morning I sure did. Either she woke up and thought she heard Minnie or dreamed it into her dream and was talking in her sleep, which she does pretty often...just like her daddy. Those two can't have any secrets from me. :)

That's all for now. Tomorrow we'll watch more Mickey, blow bubbles till we're light-headed, do the hot-dog dance, read lots of books, and go "BOOM" on the bed. Oh, and probably get some labs drawn somewhere in there. Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. Y'all are so great to us! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes I have heard those scarey sounds Jessica makes when she has nightmares. Last one I recall was laying on my air mattress in Devon Nichole house and Jessica 9 months pregnant with Julianne starts that "oooh ooooh ooooh " business in her sleep. I was up like a flash heart pounding away thinking it was time! Time for Julianne to be born! It took me a good while to calm down after that so I am delighted to hear that Julianne hears Minnie! Ha Ha My funny girls see you tomorrow! love you very much! Mommy/Grammie

Anonymous said...

I am praying that they can figure out what is causing Julianne's fever so they can treat it and be done with it so you all can go home.

The minnie mouse dream is so funny!!

I love you all and hope you all get out of there soon!!

Love Aunt\Great Suzette

Anonymous said...

bilivTell Julianne Uncle Jim wants this fever business to be
"All Done......"

I love you guys.

U. Jim

Julie Miles said...

Hot Diggity Dog! That's great news that she ate & drank yesterday despite the fever. Praying for answers soon so you can get out of there before she catches anything else!

Anonymous said...

Well hang in there Mini!! Lol
she's so cute! It's great to hear that atleast Julianne is having good dreams! ; )
get well soon Julianne!!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in so we could find out what the latest was.

XXXXOOOO's to Julianne

Jan Tompkins