Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just When We Thought We Were Out...

On Sunday I called Julianne's doctor because she had an elevated heart rate (not too bad, just 150's), fast breathing, a bloated tummy and wasn't doing well with her feedings. On Monday I brought Julianne to her Pediatrician for fast breathing, a bloated tummy, diarrhea and fever. He couldn't find anything particularly wrong with her. She's been having trouble with her tube feedings since last Sunday (6/13) and an off and on fever since that Sunday as well. So, today I brought her to Cardiology because I was really getting worried about the big tummy and feeding intolerance. They weren't comfortable sending her home not tolerating full feeds. Due to her delicate anatomy and rhythm issues, dehydration can be pretty dangerous. That landed us in Our Lady of the Lake again. She's now on continuous feeds and is being tested for various things including PLE (which is unlikely, but still possible and we are PRAYING that is not what's going on).

Today's hospitalization came as a surprise. Last week I knew before we left the house that we weren't coming home that night. Today...not so much. I was pretty sad about today's admission. I was sad to have to put Julianne through all of this again. I mean, she just got out! She kept saying "Ready to get back in car" "And now we go home?" "I wanna get back in carseat." I was really feeling down about the whole thing. Then my mom texted me and reminded me of my own words that God is always good and it made me realize I needed a change in perspective. He really is good all the time...even on "bad" days. As well as I like to think I know Julianne, He knows her better. If Julianne is in the hospital right now, then that's where she needs to be. We need to figure out what's going on and fix it. So we lied in her hospital bed together and watched Mickey, prayed and relaxed. We kept the big kid bed this time, rather than a crib, so I can hang out in bed with her more easily. Thankfully, they were ok with no IV for now, provided she continues to tolerate continues feedings. She's doing well with the continuous so far. She even drank 60ML of water through a straw. We're just going to wait and see what happens tomorrow. The G.I. doctor (who she has an appointment with on Tuesday) will be by to see her tomorrow. This is a new doctor for us. This admission will hopefully be no more than a few days.

Julianne is in surprisingly good spirits! She certainly doesn't look like she belongs in a hospital right now. You'll have to take my word for it because I forgot my camera. She was throwing herself around on the bed laughing and giggling. She still doesn't want anyone to touch her, but we are on the floor rather than in the PICU this time so its a little more relaxed. There aren't as many people in and out of the room and not nearly as often either.

Please pray that we'll figure out what's going on and that it will be easily correctable or go away on its own. Thank you so much for checking in on us and thank you for all of your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear about this hospitalization. Just remember your mom is so right about God. He never puts us anywhere or in any situation that He is not with us.

Praying for a speedy release.

Love, Jan Tompkins

Anonymous said...

This is hard Providence ... but until her body behaves in a way y'all & the doctors' can manage, maybe being close to top-flight medical help is in JC's best interest.

Love will sustain you, His grace is sufficent! Your Momma knows stuff that nobody can touch! The heart has its reasons that reason cannot understand.

We shall pray some more; longer -- more passionately....


Anonymous said...

God is in control and He does not make mistakes. Just trust in Him as always. Always in our prayers and I hope to meet you all someday. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Keep your heads up and stay possitive and yall will be out of there in no time! And you're right, it's best that she is in the hospital if that is where she needs to be!
I will be thinking about you guys as always!! Julianne has lots of Love, and she's a strong little girl!! I can't wait to hear that y'all are going back home! It'll be over before you know it!
Love y'all!