Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not PLE!!

We finally got the results of the test I've been so afraid of and PLE (Protein Losing Eteropathy) has been ruled out!! Thank you, God! I was pretty worried about that one. If you have a child who has had or will have a Fontan then you are probably at least somewhat familiar with PLE. Its a scary one and I'm glad that we're not on that road. So, that's great news!! Praise God!

All of her other blood, stool and urine tests (and there were A LOT) came back relatively normal. There were a couple of elevated or low numbers here and there but nothing to be alarmed over. Her EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) numbers showed that she had this at some point, but most people have had this at some point. They don't know if that was last week or quite a while ago. This is the virus that can cause Mono and they said that can definitely give you an 11 day fever. As for the big belly...the abdominal x-ray showed that her organs are normal size and there are no visible obstructions. It does look like there is a lot of gas in her intestines though. Her stool today is being tested for various bacterial infections that can cause an excess of gas, but we don't have the results yet. New G.I. doctor asked me today if she passes a lot of gas. I told him I don't really know what A LOT is, I don't have any other guess compared to me.... The fast breathing is being caused by the big belly. Her heart looks great and lungs look "Julianne normal". Julianne's feedings are pretty much back to the way they were before we went to Boston...not great, but manageable. She'll cough/gag here and there and retch occasionally. Oh, and she does not have Tuberculosis either. :)

The consensus is that she needs to get out of here before she gets something else and we'll follow up with G.I. next week. So, the plan is for Julianne to be discharged tomorrow. Woo hoo! She will be so happy to be home. I hope it really happens.

Tonight we're thanking God for NO PLE, for Julianne's better tolerance of her feedings and for NO FEVER FOR MORE THAN 48 HOURS!! Please continue to pray that she heals and we can head home and stay there this time. I feel like we missed the whole month of June! I know there are many children who have spent a much, much longer amount of time in the hospital and I'm thankful that our stays are limited to weeks and days rather than months. I can't imagine...


Ragincajun said...

PRAISE THE LORD!! What great news and how exciting to look forward to going home!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you God for answering the many prayers lifted up.
I pray for her speedy recovery!
Love you all.
Aunt Omi

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Anonymous said...

Praises for the good news!! You all remain in my prayers. Hope to hear that you are home quickly.

God bless,