Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I often think there's no such thing as "T.M.I." (Too Much Information) because I'm an information hoarder. However, I am going to spare you the details because, I'm not kidding, I could make this entire post about Julianne's poop situation. I'll just leave it at, she's dealing with some uncomfortable constipation issues. It seemed to be MORE THAN remedied this morning but they came back...ugh. :/ Poor Jujubee. We're working on getting her feeling better again tonight.

This morning with Julianne was really, really good! She started off feeling out of sorts, just seeming uncomfortable so we gave her tylenol and a lower dose of oxy and she perked up! We had a wonderful time playing with a tub of water, ha ha! She saw a bathtub on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and wanted to splash, so we gave her a little tub of water to play in. That soon turned in to Cookie Monster, Ernie, Elmo and all of the Mickey Mouse characters taking a bath. She had so much fun! It was the most "Julianne-ish" we've seen her since her surgery. It brought us so much joy to see her like that this morning. I'm so thankful that God gave us that wonderful play time with her.

After being awake and happy for a several hours it was time to get her left chest tube out (yay!) and make her really mad (boo!). I went with her for the chest tube removal. Just as a side note here, I used to have a really weak stomach for stuff like that. I can remember my Oma having had surgery and my mom and aunts were looking at the incision. I was on the other side of the room and just seeing them look at the incision made me so woozy that I had to leave! I was about to pass out! Now, there's not much that makes me queasy. So, seeing something like a chest tube removal is totally not a problem for me now. I guess God toughened me up over the last two and a half years. It's a good thing! Anyway, Julianne fought the sedation. She had a pretty hefty dose of Morphine and Versed and would not go to sleep. The chest tube removal was tough for her and tough for me (emotionally) to watch. We're glad it is out though.

After the removal she slept for a couple of hours then we went downstairs for a chest x-ray. After which, there was more sleeping. Then we put her in a cart and took her for a nice long walk around the 8th Floor (which is completely a cardiac floor now). She slept through some of it and gagged and retched through some of it, but it was good for her to sit up and get more of the fluid on the right side of her chest to drain. After the ride she went right back to sleep and has been ever since then.

We're hoping for more awake time tomorrow for sure! That was truly the highlight of the day! We're thanking God for such a treat! Except for the constipation and gagging, I would call today a good day! Please continue to pray for healing for Julianne as she continues to drain on her right side. Please pray for relief from her constipation issues and that we'll get enough liquid into her to combat the "slightly dry" kidneys. Every little issue that arises makes me worry. I'm really trying to just let it go because "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" (Matthew 6:27). I try to remind myself of that everyday. Worrying won't help...prayer will. Please pray for peace for Kent and I and really, for all of our family who love Julianne. :) Sleep tight!

After her bath and hair detanglement last night.

"I wanna splash too"

After Julianne's two chest x-rays and a chest tube removal she was holding on to the side of the crib while she was sleeping. It was like she was saying, "you people are NOT bringing me anywhere else today!!"

Her stroll around 8 East. We'll be looking forward to that again tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

Awww sweet baby girl. She is tougher than most of us will ever be! God bless her and comfort her more when they remove the second tube. And may He give you all peace and comfort during this difficult time.
Love Aunt Gnome

Rebecca said...

Praying for her poop! :)

Y'all amaze me! JuJuBee is too cute for words...praying for more playtime tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww, she is so adorable and so full of strength for such a tiny tyke. Thanks for the update. We really needed some great news today and happy it came from you guys.
God has blessed her yet again.
You and Kent are wonderful parents and God loves you all.

Jan Tompkins (yet again)!!!!! LOL

Emma Kate said...

Sweet girl! It did my heart good to see those pictures! I especially loved the one where she was sitting up splashing in the tub of water. Continuing in prayer :)

Drew Caperton said...

I'm glad you gave us this (TM)Information. It's so good to hear stories of the types of games she's playing, and even of her smaller problems. It gives us a more full picture of what it's like up there. We will continue to pray Julianne through many more days of recovery. It sounds like the LORD has given you guys a smooth ride.

Anonymous said...

I checked on your blog while I was at our conference and was so glad to see that Julianne is making stides! I loved the pictures of her splashing! You all have been in my prayers so much and I look forward to your updates. Julianne looks great and is such a trooper, as are her parents and grandparents!!!!!!

God Bless,