Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chest Tube Today, Gone Tomorrow?

There is a possibility that Julianne's right chest tube will make its grand exit tomorrow. It just depends on how much she drains tonight and what the chest x-ray shows tomorrow. That would be awesome!! We shall see...

Thanks for checking on us! As always, thank you for your prayers. :)

Oh, and sorry this is so short. I just ran out of time tonight. Enjoy your holiday weekend!
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Anonymous said...

She should wear a crown as she is rolled around the floor because she is such a beautiful princess.

It is good to see her playing around and sounds like she is getting some well needed rest for her recooperation.

I just can't imagine how hard it is to see your little baby girl go through all these trials. It seems that God is using her as example to all of us of how great he is and what faith can do.

I will pray that Julianne continues to become more and more back to her normal fun loving self.

Love you all,
Aunt\Great Suza

Mark said...

Dearest Mrs. Jessica,

Thank you for this update! We shall "enjoy" our weekend if and only if JuJubee continues to show improvement. All across our vast nation, family/friends and prayer warriors are knitting their hearts together on behalf of little Julianne and all y'all to get a heavenly result. Persevere,

For Righteous' Sake,

Anonymous said...

Every day shows good progress. We see God's hand in it all. We love y'all, and miss being there.
Mimi and Papa

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! Before you know it y'all will be home safe and sound!! I'm so happy Julianne is doing well!! I can't stop thinking about u guys!! Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

We can see from the pictures and updates our little sweetheart is getting back to her old self.
We are so very thankful for Gods gifts to us, and we are going to go on asking for his blessings on you, Kent and the baby.
We love you all.
Grandma ,Grandpa ,MaMa & Papa

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing that the tube is out tomorrow and that the x-rays look great!! She must be doing really well and that is answer to many, many prayers!! May you have a restful night and a good weekend.

God bless!