Friday, May 28, 2010

Drainin', Drainin', Drainin'... Chest Tube Keeps on Drainin...

FYI...that title should be read to the tune of "Rawhide".

Well, the chest tube didn't come out today and that's fine. We'd rather her get it out when she's ready than get it out too soon and have to put it back in. She ended up having too much drainage yesterday to even consider getting it out today. Julianne's chest x-ray this morning was about the same as the last one. We are shooting for removal this weekend. Once its removed she will still need to stay a couple more days. Then, depending on Julianne's status when we leave, we will either be able to head right home or stay a few more days and come back for a chest x-ray or clinic visit. We won't know until we get closer to discharge day. Julianne keeps asking to "go to new house", "get in carseat", "go swimming in blue pool". She's beyond ready to go! If she only knew how short this stay is in comparison to her other hospital stays! Ha ha!

Other than draining and a few lab numbers being off because of how much diuretic Julianne is getting, she's doing well! She's still dealing with some discomfort so we're back to giving her the Oxycodone. The constipation is officially under control! Who made it official? Kent and I did after changing the endless stream of poopy diapers. :)

Julianne lost both of her IV's on the same day. Blah... So, we're really praying and hoping she won't need another one before we leave. Labs so far have gone amazingly well! Tamara (our new favorite phlebotomy lady) has been able to get the blood on the first try every time! Please pray that this continues!

Thank you so much being with us on this leg of Julianne's journey! It has meant more than you know to read all of your comments and emails and to know that so many are praying for our sweet girl! What a blessing to have all of you! Please, if you would, keep my parents in your prayers as they travel back to Louisiana tomorrow. Also, please pray that Julianne's fluid will dry up (She's also got some fluid around her belly area. Her belly button is now a slit instead of a hole. Dr. Breitbart said he's pretty sure Dr. Pigula did not close it up in surgery, ha ha!) and that any pain she may have will be managed easily. Thanks for checking on Julianne!

Finally got some bows for those pigtails!

Smelling her flowers

"Can someone bust me outta here?"


Anonymous said...

I am praying and praying for that fluid to be reabsorbed so she can get rid of that tube! And go outside!Also that the pain subsides soon. Have your mom and dad in my prayers for a safe journey. Love you.
Aunt Omi

Math-U said...

Great update!! Hoping that the tube comes out soon and y'all can come home!! +

God's blessings from Matt & Patti

Emma Kate said...

Love those bows and pigtails :)

Anonymous said...

All those tubes have not drained one drop of cuteness out of her:)

I continue to pray for Julianne for quick healing and strength to you all.

Bless Grammie and Grandpa on their flight home. I am sure that having them there has been a blessing for Julianne and parents.

Please give Julianne a kiss for me on her sweet little forehead.

Love to all of you!!!

Aunt\Great Aunt Suzette

Carolyn and Ron said...

We are keeping an eye on your house and I have noticed that "Gus, the cat", has taken to sleeping on top of Kent's truck. (Sorry Kent). We'll consider him a "guard cat"....or perhaps he is also eagerly awaiting Julianne's return! I am firing off "popcorn prayers" constantly for all of you. We are anxious to see those little pigtails in that blue pool too!

Anonymous said...

Love the bows!! 
Keep up the drain'n drain'n drain'n, keep those tubes a drain'n!!
Give the princess a big hug for me!


Rebecca said... know that I loved that first picture of her bows on her pigtails! Too cute! Who says you can't have open heart surgery one day and look like a darling the next?!?!? She is amazing!

Praying for that drainage to dry up so y'all can get home soon!

Love the post's title...that was what immediately came to mind! HA!

Keep rockin' Julianne!!! You amaze us all!!!

Love y'all~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

She looks wonderful and I'm so thankful for the great people up there. The fewer sticks the better for everyone!!! May God continue to heal your precious one quickly and let her get on to the blue pool, the carseat and ANYTHING her precious little heart desires!! Prayers continuing for you all.

God bless,