Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just a Little Update

I'm so sorry for not updating today. The main theme of the day was drainage. We are still waiting on those chest tubes to drain. The left one is just about done and may come out tomorrow! Yay! The right one still has a significant amount left to drain according to today's chest x-ray. So...we wait. It would be good if she could have more lasix to help dry things up but she can't because her kidneys are a little too dry. We're adding an extra feeding tonight to see if getting a little more fluid in her will help out the kidneys and then up her lasix...as I've said before, its a fine balance.

We got a few smiles today and that was awesome! She was pretty tired most of the day but we had a couple of hours of awake time from 4:30 to 6:30-ish. She got a bath and got her hair detangled. :)

Julianne is sleeping comfortably and has been for the last hour and a half without the last 2 doses of oxycodone. We're watching her closely to make sure she doesn't have pain but we're hoping to cut down on the oxy and rely more on tylenol. That way she'll wake up a little and we can get her moving and get that fluid draining. We definitely don't want her to be in pain though!! So as long as she needs the stronger stuff, we'll keep with it.

So, we have a few little obstacles (oh and she has a swollen belly from constipation...currently being remedied) but things are defintely progressing! We are SO thankful that Julianne's numbers are good and that she's making progress! God is always good! Thank you for praying!
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Anonymous said...

I will be praying that those nasty tubes come out and that her pain lessens or goes away completly!!

She is sooo good and strong.

What an angel.:)

Praying that everyday brings more good news.

Thanking God for all the blessings.

Love to you all!
Aunt\Great Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

Aw well I'm glad things are progressing and that she is not in too much pain via whatever meds she needs for now.
Thanks for the updates.
We love you.
Aunt Omi and Family

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the encouraging update! We continue to pray for Julianne's recovery and all of you.
Dr. Ernie and Miss Carlette

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear the great progress!!
Thanks for updating us!!
Love y'all all!!!
<3 Kirstin

Anonymous said...

We are happy you got some sweet smiles!! We are praying that God continues to strengthen Julianne.
May he give her comfort and all of you rest.
Erin C. & family