Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two Years Old!

Wow! I can hardly believe its been two years. Its gone by so fast. We had a great time today celebrating Julianne's birthday with our families. I will post more about it soon along with a more detailed "two-year-old" post. For now, here's a slideshow we made for our sweet, two-year-old, baby boo. :) Thank you, God for two wonderful years.


jan tompkins said...

Happy Birthday, Julianne!
The video touched my heart.
She is so beautiful.

Tweety said...

From One Mother to Another that Treasures Every Moment...thank you and praise God. We love you, Julianne! The Dufrene Family

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Julianne!!!
You are really a beautiful baby girl!!! I love ya'll!!
<3 Kirstin

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day, Julianne....sorry we missed it yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful day!!

We love you!!

A. Stac

Carol said...

What a heartwarming chronicle of busy, curious, funny, sweet, adorable Julianne!!!

Cousin Carol Joe

Anonymous said...

With tears of joy steaming down and a grateful heart I praise God for our little miracle Julianne and two amazing years! Happy Birthday Julianne my little pumpkin! We love you very much , Tam-paw and Grammie

Anonymous said...

Wonderful videos! Thanks for sharing her growing and birthday with us!
Love Aunt Naomi