Thursday, September 10, 2009

To the Beach and Back

We had the privilege of taking Julianne to the beach for the first time last weekend! The vacationers included Kent, myself, Julianne, my dad, my mom, my sister, 3 aunts, 2 uncles and one cousin. :) Julianne did not like walking in the sand. When we tried to get her to walk in the sand she'd start to cry and say, "Bumped toes! Bumped toes!" She seemed to like standing in the water...until she realized she was standing on sand! We brought an inflatable pool with us and filled it up with buckets of water so she had a great time just hanging out in her pool. It was such a joy to bring Julianne to one of our favorite places. I have to warn you...I got a little carried away with the pictures. SOOOOOOOO I narrowed it down as best I could.

The car rides really weren't too bad aside from traffic and baby poop. Julianne was really patient and spent about 45 minutes just playing with her ball in the back seat. We're definitely bringing a ball in the car more often!

Modeling her swimwear

I couldn't resist a ruffle butt picture!

Finally seeing a "laughing bird" in person!

At a restaurant...SOOOOO ready to go

Playing in the sand is not so bad...just standing in it

"Ball, daddy?"

Watching the waves with daddy while Grandpa's on pool bucket duty

The coolest

Pooped out on Grammie!

Rested and ready for a swim

Breakfast with a view

Smile, Julianne!

"Pick me up!"

A tired baby heading back to Louisiana

We had a great trip and look forward to many more beach trips with our little bathing beauty! On Saturday Julianne will turn 2! I can hardly believe its been 2 We are so thankful. :)


Julie Miles said...

Such great pictures! I'm so glad Julianne finally got to experience the beach. Looks like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with us. She is so precious and has grown so much! I am reminded of how Great our God is everytime I see her!

Elysmom said...

love the pictures! she's gotten so big, wow!

sand is good therapy for sensory. i've been wanting a sand box for ages for Elyse. she doesn't like the feel either on her feet. she freaks out.

Mark said...

I don't know Jessica, I'm deeply concerned that we won't have a pictorial record of Julianne's childhood!

Actually, these pictures are fabulous! Good pictures of Kent too!

You have some pretty swell parents to facilitate all of this.

Mark Fee

Carol said...

THANKS so much for sharing! Julianne is quite the Toddler, now. I love all the photos - the moostache is so very cute.

Carol Joe

Anonymous said...

Gosh! WE SURE DID HAVE FUN! Loved watching Julianne "trying out" the beach for the first time. Reminded me of your cousin Jeff in Hawaii. The pictures are so cute. She is talking so much and really has such a cute personality. Love you all. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY Julianne.

Jen said...

She looks so much older - her face and hair! Not to mention the walking. Amazing!!