Sunday, March 2, 2008

Prayer for Julianne

Please pray for Julianne today.  Her saturations dropped last night and her oxygen had to be increased.  They're still somewhat low today on a higher amount of oxygen.  In addition, Julianne is still not herself.  She's very tired and doesn't want to look at us or look around.  If you know Julianne, you know that normally she's very interested in what's going on around her.  The doctors checked her out during their rounds this morning and found that her pupils are reactive, she's moving around appropriately and they saw her look at one of the doctors while she was doing stuff.  Kent and I got her to turn her head to look at us once this morning, as well.  They don't feel that anything happened to her brain or anything to cause this change in behavior.  They believe that she's not feeling well because of the poor function.  They've put her back on Dopamine to help support her heart and are still planning to do an echo tomorrow.  The attending doctor said they're going to discuss with Dr. Breitbart and Dr. Pigula whether it would be beneficial to do Julianne's surgery before Thursday.

We're consistently praying for Julianne's heart function problems to be healed.  We're also praying that the doctors and nurses will see whatever they need to see to be able to help Julianne. 

The days when we don't see our sweet baby's personality are extra hard for us.   Like I said before, her smiles and coos are always an encouragement.  When she did look at us for a moment this morning it was right after Kent and I both finished praying for her.  So, that was an encouragement as well.  We know God can make Julianne better and we'll continue to pray that He will. :)

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Anonymous said...

We're sorry to hear that she's still having some issues. We will continue to pray that they find the reason causing her to be not herself.

We will pray that whatever the decision they make in the best interest of Julianne is the one God is leading them to.

Just know that our love and support are behind you all. We know His plan will be done. We'll pray for smoother days ahead.


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

I am sure it must hurt you all to not get the smiles from her that you want. But the important thing is that she knows that you all are always there watching over her.

I will pray for improvement and that God makes clear what is causing her condition.

I love you all and pray that all goes well with her Echo tomorrow.

Great Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

Dear ones,

All of you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers - for God's protection and for the sure knowledge of His presence in each step of this journey. Keep singing over your little one - we are singing over you, Jessica and Kent, with thanksgiving for the courage and faith God is giving.

Love & prayers, Barbara and Mark T.

Anonymous said...

Kent, Jessica and Julianne -
We are praying hard for you all. May God grant wisdom to the medical team, strength to Julianne's little heart, and comfort and rest to Mommy and Daddy. We love you all,
Paul and Sherry Zorzi

Anonymous said...

Kent & Jessica, we are praying that God would overwhelm you with His peace and comfort you during this time. We pray that Julianne's sweet smiles and laughter would return soon. We pray for wisdom for the doctors and strength for Julianne.
Erin C.

Anonymous said...

We never cease to continue to pray all of you, imploring God's healing, protection, peace, comfort, and wisdom for Julianne, you, your extended family and attending physicians. Hang in there. We are all with you!

Love, Judy & Neal H.

Julie Miles said...

Jessica & Kent,

I'm sorry to hear that Julianne's still not back to herself. I pray for extra strength and patience as you wait for your little girl's personality to return. I also continue to pray for extra wisdom for all the medical team to know the right decisions about medication, treatment and the surgery date so that Julianne can get to feeling better soon. It was great to hear that she did finally look at you this morning after you had prayed over her. She's got such a great earthly mommy & daddy and an even better Heavenly Daddy that are all looking out for her best interest!


Julie, Dan & Ethan Miles

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jessica and Kent I'm sorry for your difficult day. Even when your precious baby can't respond in her usual way she feels your presence, strength and love.

I love you all Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

You all are in my prayers!! We prayed for Julianne this morning in Sunday School that her heart funtion would improve and that she would be able to have the procedure safely. May God continue to protect Julianne and give you comfort that HE is in control. I pray also for the doctors and nurses and that God would guide their every decision. Hold fast in our Father!

With love,
M White

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica and Kent,

We just returned from congregational prayer time at PPC. Julianne and all of you were prayed for - healing, strength, courage, wisdom for the, Barbara T

Erika said...

Julianne is in excellent hands.

You are all in our thoughts.