Saturday, March 1, 2008

Plan Still the Same

The plan remains to do Julianne's surgery on Thursday.  She'll have an echo on Monday and a cardiac MRI on Tuesday.  They've decided to go ahead and keep her in the CICU until surgery.  One, because she'll have to be back here on Tuesday after the MRI because she has to be sedated and intubated and two, because she had a couple of low heart rate episodes yesterday.  They didn't feel that the low heart rate episodes were anything to be overly concerned about, but wanted to make sure she can be under close monitoring.

Please continue to pray for Julianne.  She hasn't really been herself today and of course that makes me worry.  We pray that she'll be back to "Julianne" tomorrow and that she'll continue to improve.  Thank you so much for checking in!

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry that Julianne didn't seem herself today. Maybe she was just a little more tired than usual. It must be so hard for you all to see her that way and not have a way to make it all better.

I looked up at the clear star filled sky tonight and asked God to bless Julianne. I know that he will.

Hugs and kisses to all of you and I will pray that tomorrow is a better day.

Aunt Naomi sends her love as well.

Aunt Suzette

Elysmom said...

Please now that I'll be praying your your princess. I know how overwhelmed you must be feeling.

Take care!