Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Surgery Until At Least Monday

We got the word this evening that Julianne will not have surgery until at least Monday.  She continued to spike fevers all day.  In fact, she was 102 about an hour ago.  Julianne vomited a good bit today and had some diarrhea.  They suspect she has a virus and have put her in a single room as a precaution.  Her next stool will need to be tested to find out for sure.  If she does have a virus that would explain the fever, which in turn explains the high heart rate.  It still would not explain the decreased ventricular function. 

Dr. Breitbart said he's been discussing the ventricular function problem (her heart isn't squeezing hard enough) with his colleagues as well as others and they have no reason for why this should be happening.  Nothing that happened during the cath should have caused this.  They took a blood gas today (a blood test that has to come from an artery) to make sure her heart is doing what its supposed to do.  The doctor told me it is a pretty painful draw, so that was hard.  Her blood gas and other labs all came back normal.  Everyone is hoping this goes away as mysteriously as it appeared.  For now she's just being watched closely. Please pray that her heart will go back to its normal function.

As for Julianne's oxygen saturations, she's in the 70's on 3 liters of oxygen when she's asleep.  When she's awake and getting worked up or crying it dips down as low as the high 50's.  She's definitely working harder to breathe, especially when she's awake.  We're trying to keep her calm and quiet, but she's been out of sorts and is pretty upset today.

She's being carefully monitored and Dr. Breitbart and the others seem to be being very cautious. We're glad about that.

We're praying that tomorrow will be a better day and that things will go back to "normal" for Julianne.  We're thankful, as weird as this may sound, that she may have a virus because at least it wouldn't be something worse.  We're also thankful for the wisdom God has given these doctors and nurses to help our baby girl.

Tomorrow we're looking forward to seeing some snow from our window! Maybe we'll take turns going out to see it if Julianne will allow that. :)

Thank you so much for checking in on us and for all of your prayers and encouragement!!  We are so appreciative of all of you.

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cdhoerster45 said...

We appreciate the depth and breadth of God's graces as He watches over you an Julianne. You are in our hearts and prayers with thanksgiving for all of God's gifts including yur faith.

Great Aunt Sarah and Cousin Carol Joe