Friday, February 22, 2008

Moved to CICU

Julianne seemed to be getting worse as far as her breathing/saturations were concerned.  In a matter of hours her oxygen had to be increased by almost 2 liters.  She was on 4 liters of oxygen and her saturations were in the low 70's dipping to the high 50's.  Her breathing was labored and rapid.  She'd basically been asleep all day, hadn't really been interacting with us at all.  The doctors were concerned because they don't know what's causing her heart function problems and sometimes things can happen fast. She was not unstable, but they preferred to play it safe and move her to the ICU where she could be more closely monitored.

The funny thing is that now that she's over here she's doing a good bit better.  She's still on 4 liters but her saturations are consistently in the 80's dipping into the 70's.  She woke up for like 1/2 an hour and was looking around and acting more alert.  Now she's sleeping comfortably.  They just started her on a drug to help support her heart.  The nurse said that should "kick in" in a couple of hours.

She hasn't had anymore vomiting or diarrhea, so they're kind of ruling out the GI virus.  They're thinking now that the coils could still be causing the fevers.  We'll have to wait and see when her stool is tested.

That's all for now.  She's doing fine, no cause for alarm.  I'll post more when we know more.

Thanks for the prayers!

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Anonymous said...

I am praying for a more peaceful day. She seems to be in good hands. Love you three Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear she's doing better. We will continue to keep her in our prayers. We know she is being watched over by someone very special.

Try and get some rest to keep up your strength. We'll be watching the blog for updates.


A. Stac