Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stardate 101607.54321

Hi Everyone. Julianne had another good day yesterday. She was put back on continuous feeding that morning and did well. She was then switched to 2 hour feeds during which she also did well (i.e. no vomiting). Now she's on 1 1/2 hour feeds. We're hoping she does well with that one also.

Julianne's surgeon, Dr. Pigula, does not feel that the SVT Monday night is anything to be overly worried about. It could just be that she didn't have enough Amiodorone in her system because of all the vomiting. However, Amiodorone stays in the system for such a long time that it is possible that the vomiting wouldn't affect the levels. They've upped her dosage of the Amiodorone and have begun to give it to her orally rather than through her feeding tube. The medication has a tendency to stick to the plastic of the feeding tube so that could have been part of the problem as well.

We really just can't know for sure that she'll never go into SVT again. Dr. Breitbart said that they'll continue to watch her longer and they'll teach us how to check her pulse and evaluate her for problems.

Julianne's chest x-ray was fine. They've decided not to try to put in another IV at this point. Dr. Pigula felt comfortable without one. That's fine with us because she really was stuck a lot after the SVT episode.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Julianne. We're so excited that she's keeping her food down now!

Julianne getting ready for her morning run

Julianne coolin' out in a wrap

Julianne at her most comfortable


Anonymous said...

Good morning Sweeties

What beautiful pictures and wonderful news. I hope Julianne's days continue to be uneventful. I know her parents love holding and snuggling her.

Love Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

She does look so cozy!! We're excited to hear that she's tolerating her feedings now. You'll be home sooner than you think!!

We continue to keep you-all in our thoughts and prayers.

Waiting to see ya......

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know once again that you all are in my continued prayers. This last picture of her is so incredibly adorable....she looks so peaceful. Stay strong guys.

~ Deah

naomi said...

She looks so sweet.
I hope she continues to do well with the oral meds and with her feedings.

Love You all,
Aunt Naomi

Matthew Hughes said...

Great news. I am happy for you. Thanks for the pictures. She is so beautiful. The Hughes Family is still praying. We love you.
I just started a daily encouragement blog. If you have internet reading time there maybe you might check it out and be encouraged. Here is the link:

suzette said...

Oh such great news!!

The pictures are so cute!!

I love the picture where she is curled up on her side just relaxing.

I hope her morning run went well.She should be ready for the Boston Marathon soon!!

I love you and I know that she is God's miracle.

Love to the happy little family.

Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

Hello my precious ones!

Grammie is praying all the time throughout the day. I miss being with you and holding my little angel. She looks so adorable especially the cozy side shot; she must be remembering the days when she was safe and warm inside her mommy. Love and kisses , Grammie

Anonymous said...

We love seeing the pictures of Julianne, she is a beautiful baby. Keeping all of you in our prayers, we miss you and look forward to seeing Julianne.

Love from,

Your Citrus Creek friends