Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Good Report

The Electrophysiology team just finished Julianne's wire study.  They weren't able to bring up ANY ARRHYTHMIA!!  Thank you, God!  The attending doctor said he spent the whole weekend being a "nay-sayer" thinking that she'd still have them when they did the study.  I told him we are glad he was wrong. :) He said he was too. 

Kent and I, of course, were nervous but we prayed for our baby girl as we always do. The whole time they were doing the study I prayed that Julianne would be protected from harm and that the doctors would be able to see whatever was necessary to make decisions about her care.

She's already had a chest x-ray this morning.  Now, they're doing an echo cardiogram and soon after that we'll head to the floor. 

Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for Julianne.  It seems like the end of our hospital stay may be coming soon. :) We'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Guys, that is such FABULOUS news!!!! It seems like she's heading for sunny skies ahead. We pray that she does fine on the floor and gets out ASAP!!!

The kids are eager to get to see her, and, of course, Ashlynn's waiting to hold her, as am I.

We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to you all!! We'll see you soon!!!!


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

That is amazing news. We are praying that her progress will continue down this path. How exciting to see her so alert. She is beautiful...

The Bridges family
Brian, Karen, Holly & JoniBeth
LifeTree Church, GA

Laje Kahr said...

So good to here she's improving!

Will continue to pray for yall.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby, and those eyes would melt any heart! We are so pleased with her progress and pray daily for continued healing and strength. Jessica, it brought tears to my eyes to see you feeding her - I know that was a wonderful feeling. We will continue to lift each of you up in prayer! Hope you'll be on 8 East with Hannah very soon!
With much love,
Meredith L.

Greg Finch said...

There is a calmness in these pictures that really shows how much you all trust the Lord. So Cool! Julianne looks great, so alert. We miss you guys, and we're ready for you to bring your miracle home to the Big Easy. - Love Greg, Alice & Megan

Anonymous said...


Julie Miles said...

Glad to see Julianne so alert! I know that was a great feeling to get to feed her a bottle, even if it was just 5-10mL's. Just be patient, she'll get to eating more on her own eventually. The medical team is right that she's just having to learn to suck, and she's also still trying to heal. We thought we'd have to bring Ethan home on an NG tube, but a couple days before we were discharged, he surprised us and started taking his whole bottle on his own! We pray for you 3 and check your blog several times a day. What an answer to prayer that the Amiodorone is working and she's not having any more arrhythmia's and also that things are going better than the attending expected! Way to go GOD!!!!


Julie, Dan and Ethan Miles

Naomi said...

We are so happy to hear she proved them wrong... she is a fighter... who does she take after Kent or Jessica in that aspect. Anyway love to all of you.

Aunt Naomi

Anonymous said...

Our God is an AWESOME God!! We rejoice with you!!
Erin C.