Monday, October 8, 2007

Evening Post

First, here is the picture I wanted to post of Julianne off of the ventilator this morning:

Julianne continues to improve. Today they removed her RA line and the IV's in her right arm. Now she just has an IV in her left arm, her feeding tube, and her pacing wires attached to her. The plan is still to move her to the floor tomorrow.

She was pretty alert today. It was really great to see her like that. Here are some pictures we took this morning:

We got to try to give Julianne a bottle this evening. She drank about 5 ML and spit it up, then 5 more and spit that up and then fell asleep. So, the rest of it went through her feeding tube. Our nurse said its hard for the babies to eat because not only do they have to learn how to suck, but it takes a lot of energy from them since they're already so weak and trying to heal. We'll have to keep working on the eating.


Anonymous said...

Jessica and Kent,

She is beautiful.We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers!
Jill McGraw

Anonymous said...

You are a real beauty Sweetheart, We are so happy you are doing better each day , Can`t wait for tomorrows report.
Love from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa xoxo

Anonymous said...

"Please, Lord, let the improvement continue without interruption." That is our prayer.

She sure is a beautiful baby - it's hard to believe she could go through what she's gone through and still be so cute and so alert. Praise God for that!

We love you all. Special hello to Grammie Margaret and Grandpa Lenny!

Paul and Sherry Zorzi

suzette said...

I love the new pictures!

It is so good to see her wide awake and alert!!

She gets prettier with every picture and I can see both her Mom and Dad in her.

I will pray that she keeps a steady calm heartbeat as they prepare to move her out of ICU.

Love you all!

Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

Keep strong guys!!!
my prayers are still with you!
Julianne is so cute!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute. Praying she has a smooth move to the floor today. We are anxiously waiting to see her down here in Met, La.

Hugs & kisses

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Good morning, what a beautiful, bright-eyed face. Pretty soon she'll be wireless!

Praying for a eventless transition to the floor.

Love to all NSG Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures of beautiful Julianne and hearing of her continued improvement, reminds me of the verse from our bible study:"Is anything too hard for the Lord...?" Gen. 18:14
Thinking of all of you,
Carlette and Ernie B

Anonymous said...

So glad to see the pictures of Julianne. She's so beautiful!!! It's exciting to know she's getting stronger each day. Praise God! We continue to pray.
Erin C.

naomi said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful !!!

Love Aunt Naomi