Monday, October 8, 2007

Tomorrow We Go To The Floor

So far, so good this morning.  Neurology came by and said they're pleased with Julianne's neurological development so far.  They're going to do another head ultrasound just as a precaution.  They like to do one while a child is on ECMO and then while she's off.

They're going to get her all ready to go to the floor today; take out the line to her right atrium, put in a new IV, etc. But will continue to observe her for the next 24 hours. 

Electrophysiology is still going to do another wire study to make sure that she's not having anymore arrhthmias.  However, that probably won't be for another few days.  They want to make sure the oral Amiodorone has had plenty of time to be in her system.

She's having some withdrawal symptoms from coming off of the Morphine, but  she doesn't seem as uncomfortable as when she was coming off of it last time.

When Kent and I got here this morning Julianne was wide awake! She stayed awake for an hour and a half!  She looked at us, she looked at her blue dolphin balloon that her Grammie got her, she looked at the TV a little (we put it on the relaxation channel for has soft music and pictures of beautiful scenery). 

Of course, we've taken several pictures already this morning.  I'll post some tonight.

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Anonymous said...

That's so great........Her being awake and looking around for longer periods of time is such a great sign she's progressing forward.

We can't wait to see and hold her!! This year at X-mas will be such a great time to have a new little one around.

P.S. U. Jim sends his love from Washington!!!

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Praise God for his mercies! The last pictures were precious and we look forward to more tonight. Thanks so much for keeping us all in the loop. We continue to pray... the zorzis

Naomi said...

I suprised I can comment here from work!
Anywho , thats great news can't wait to see the new pics!

Love Aunt Naomi