Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weekend Update

This morning we were happy to see that Julianne was awake! We've been here over an hour and she's still awake!  She wasn't even this awake before her surgery.

So, a few news and notes: They're still weaning her off the narcotics (morphine, etc) with methodone that will transition her into some tylenol. On the ventilator, she's down to 8 breaths per minute, which is 4 points better than last night!  She may be out of the ICU by the end of next week.  Last night, she got put into her first crib, as opposed to the little bed that she's been in.  And as we speak, she is staring at her new stuffed dog that we got her. Everything is going great!  Thanks for all the prayers!!

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Naomi said...

Yea!! I 'm the first to leave a post !!
She is moving along so well.
By the by Crystal has homecoming today. She is on the court! She is the Maid of the Junior Class.
So I guess she'll be cleaning up after dance. Well that's all I know about being a maid.

Love to Everyone in Boston! God Bless your Doctors and there special and caring nurses.

Love Naomi

Naomi said...

PS Beautiful pictures yesterday!

Aunt Naomi

katie said...

We're thrilled thrilled and still praying! Can't wait to meet Julianne....maybe at Christmas time? I know you'll be really careful of her immune system, so David can stay in the car :). Seriously, we love you guys and are enjoying the progress seen through the pictures. Yours is a faith evident!

Patti and Lee said...

We are so glad for the continued good news. Thank you for keeping us updated. Julianne is beautiful and strong.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so faithful in updating us on Julianne's progress. It's been so exciting to see how great she's been doing. My kids and I are enjoying all the pictures. Julianne's so beautiful! Ya'll are never far from our thoughts and prayers. We praise God for continuing to answer prayers. We are amazed and humbled as we watch this miracle unfold before us.
love, Erin, Caroline, & Conner C.

Suzette said...

How Great Thou Art" has been ringing in my ears ever since Julianne's surgery and now I find myself humming it in the middle of the day. How true it is!!

I am thrilled to hear that she may be out of ICU soon!!

Julianne is so blessed to have two wonderful parents that love her so much!!

I love you all.

Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news!!!! She looks soooo adorable in her photos. Just know you all are constantly in our prayers. We can't wait to have you all home!!!

Just a P.S. note, Uncle Jim is following the blog, but he can't write back via work. However, I'll never be first because he doesn't run to the computer the first thing in the morning..... : )So he just wanted you to know that he is keeping abreast of what's going on!!!

We love you!!
See you soon!!

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

"The King of Love my Shepherd is. His goodness faileth never. I nothing lack if I am His. And He is mine forever." (From out upcoming anthem this Sunday) We love you all and are with you in spirit!

Judy & Neal