Friday, September 28, 2007

So Much Good Stuff to Report!

Julianne is moving right along! Dr. Breitbart says she's right where she needs to be. We sure don't get tired of hearing that.

So here's the update...

After continuing with some Arrhythmias last night, they seem to have gotten her heartbeat back to normal today. Her catheter and the sensor that was on her forehead were removed last night or early this morning. She was taken off the paralytic drug. The drainage tube from her chest was removed and the hole sutured this morning. The IV in her neck was removed this afternoon. The tube suctioning from her belly that went through her nose was removed this after noon. It seemed to us that every time we left the room, we came back to less tubes. That was very exciting. Also, she was squirming around and opening and closing her eyes when we'd talk to her. However, we have to be careful not to overstimulate her and make her move around too much or her oxygen level may start to drop. So, we kind of just have to look at her quietly. That's hard for us.

They began feeding Julianne milk through a feeding tube through her nose today, as well! This was the first "real food" she's had since she was born! We are so happy.

As we were leaving the hospital tonight, the nurse had ordered a crib for Julianne. So, by the time we get there tomorrow morning she'll be in a real crib.

The only minor problem we had today is that her ventilator tube had slipped down and was inflating only one side of her lungs. It was fixed and they're going to be doing another x-ray to make sure everything is in the correct place now.

Here are some pictures of her progress:
This one is from yesterday, looking a lot less puffy.

You can't see it too good in the picture because she was in a little "blanket envelope" but this is her chest closed!

Finally, here she is minus the belly draining tube, minus the chest drain tube, minus the neck IV, plus the feeding tube.

Kent reading Goodnight Moon to Julianne before we left tonight.

We're thanking God for such a great day.



Anonymous said...

We never get tired of that "good stuff"! Praise God for all that "good stuff"! Julianne has won all our hearts already.

much love and prayers,
sherry and paul z.

Anonymous said...

What a great report! The smile on Kent's face as he reads to his precious daughter says it all. God is good!!
We send our love to all of you as we continue to remember you in our prayers without ceasing.
Ernie and Carlette B.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jessica! The last picture moved me to tears as I remembered reading Goodnight Moon to Trey when he was a baby. Here you are just starting off with sweet precious, Julianne and now I am passing Trey off to a very dear, sweet girl who will be his wife in exactly one week! The joy to see Julianne doing so well! *Thanking God immensely* Not too much a Disney fan but the song "The Circle of Life" (Lion King) comes to mind; God's neverending history in the lives of His people! Rejoice! Love, Kelley Owens

Matthew Hughes said...

We are so happy for you. Thank you for keeping up this blog. It was great to watch God do a miracle like this. It also allows us a chance to cry and rejoice along with you. We love you. We can't wait to see you three. By the is really cool to have famous friends. Can I have your autograph when you come home?

Naomi said...

What beautiful news !!!
Kent what a great picture!
Can't wait to see you all in person!