Sunday, September 19, 2021

Birthday Girlie

Happy 14th birthday to this sweet birthday girl! If you know Julianne then you know she LOVES to celebrate!  I’ve never known anyone who throws confetti as much as my girl! Her original party had to be canceled due to weather, but she chose the mall and lunch with Grammy, Aunt Laura, and me to celebrate instead! Then the sweetest lady heard the restaurant staff singing to Julianne and came over and said it was her birthday as well and gave Julianne $10! What a sweet idea!! Definitely going to try to remember that if I’m at a restaurant and hear that a kid is celebrating a birthday on the same day as mine! And then the celebration continued when a convenience store owner let her pick out anything she wanted in the store! Then the celebration continued with cake and dinner with Grandpa and Daddy joining the party! And then the celebration continued further with Mimi and Papa coming for lunch! And then the celebration continued with that restaurant bringing her Mississippi mud! So many precious surprises for her after she made the tough call to cancel her party. Oh and FYI, it definitely helps to wear an “It’s My Birthday” shirt!! We sure do love you, Julianne! And we are so thankful for 14 YEARS of celebrating!! We pray that God gives you many, many more!! 


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