Thursday, December 30, 2021

Goodbye To Tuck

This is Julianne providing this post about our dog Tuck. He was diagnosed with liver cancer on December 3rd and they said that it had spread to more than one area. We thought maybe he only had a few months left, but he didn't. Our beloved buddy died on December 20, 2021.😢 He was somewhere between 12 & 13. I am so thankful he died this way and not on the streets or in a home where he just stayed outside all day and everyday. Tuck had a great life, and even went to Perdido Key the September/October before he died. I miss him so much and I wish he would live to be 100 human years! (I guess that would be 700 dog years LOL!) 

Tucky bud's trip to Perdido Key

He really enjoyed himself!

He was the best dog we could ever ask for. I really hope dogs go to Heaven so that we will be able to see him again and he will have no more pain, no more cancer, no more paralysis. We love you big bud! 

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