Sunday, September 20, 2020

Happy Birthday to her!!

Yep, it's a birthday!! Today our baby girl is 13! You read that right, 13! Crazy, I know! Where has the time gone? We are so thankful today, and always, for the way the Lord has cared for her and strengthened her. The last 6 months have not been the easiest, thanks to a new favorite/most hated word, "social distancing", but they've been good. This year has been so good and now we're on to a new one. Every year older Julianne has become I always think, "oh, this is my favorite age" so I have no doubt that 13 will bring more of the same. 😊

This year we have seen Julianne become more responsible in caring for herself, more diligent in sticking to her commitments, and after many years of trying... she learned to ride a bike! She's even taken on being a volunteer, virtual PreK homeschool co-op teacher! It's really been a wonderful year. We are so very thankful. 💓

Oh and also, Julianne started 7th grade! Here she is with her favorite classmate / faithful companion:

Ahh...what a great day today has been. 💖 Julianne is doing wonderfully health-wise, school-wise and comedy-wise (she's a really funny girl). Thank you all who continue to pray for our girl! We are truly grateful!

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jake said...

I dont know if you know but am amy bakers son and I just started working on mine