Monday, December 16, 2019

Our Boston Trip

     Hi there! Julianne here, and I'm making my first blog post. This blog post is about my trip to the north east and 3-day trip to Massachusetts with my mom and my grammy. Our journey to Boston was really fun and it went like this:

     Day 1, our plane left Baton Rouge at 9:45 A.M and arrived in Boston at 4:03 P.M. First, we went to the hotel that we were staying at and stayed there for a while. Next, we went to the food court right near children's hospital. Then we went into the children's hospital to look around a little bit (it did not look like the Boston Children's Hospital when I was 3 1/2) and ate at Bertucci's. Here are some pictures of the first day we were there.
I carried my suitcase all by myself
Talking to Daddy

Food Court

     Day 2, we went immediately to the hospital and ate breakfast. Then a lady came and talked over my test with us and told us about the doctor. Next, the lady took us to meet the doctor and then he went into his office with me and I began my first test. After my test we went to see the outside of the Devon Nicole house. Soon after, we went around and saw the city and Quincy Market where I bought my pink toy Cadillac. After that, we saw a very energetic girl playing the violin to "Don't Stop Believing" and I tipped her. Later, we road the subway back to our hotel. Now here are the pictures of the second day.
Devon Nicole house

An 11 year old tween in the middle of Boston

Quincy Market

     Day 3, we ate at the hospital's cafeteria again, and I loved it just like last time! Then I had my stress test where I had to be on a bike with lots of stickers. Just looking at the picture makes me smell the oxygen that I wore on the bike. From there, we visited the rooftop garden. (they moved it to the roof of the hospital) After that, we went to the State house and I talked to my Maw-maw on the phone across from it (she was very concerned about me). Next, we went to Brigham And Women's Hospital where I was born. Now for the pictures.
Rooftop garden

Boston's state capitol building
My birth hospital
     Day 4 was just departure. Our plane left at 12 something P.M. I had a great time on our three day trip to Boston! It was a fun three days. Now for the final day picture.

Waiting for our plane to Atlanta and eventually back to Baton Rouge


Aunt Sarah said...

Oh my goodness this brought happy tears to my eyes!! I love you Julianne 💕💖
Great blog post BTW!!

Texas MaryG said...

Loved your post sweetheart. Cant believe you are old enough to take over blogging. I pray all your tests came out well. Much love, Mary Katherine

Katie Hintze said...

We enjoyed your update Julianne! Great job! So thankful to the Lord for all of the healing He has done in your life so far, and for your joyful spirit. I know you are a joy to your Mom and Dad! Love from the Hintzes

jake said...

I really hate the new lobby

jake said...

I went there in 2018 am going in the summer here's the link to my blog

jake said...

you know what just click on the picture of apu and it will lead you to it don't know if you like the band if fact I only know you from step down