Friday, April 3, 2015

Belly Troubles and Other Stuff

In December, just before Christmas, Julianne had some SVT episodes again. It was disappointing, but not totally surprising.  We know that as she outgrows her dosages of Diltiazem and Digoxin she will begin having breakthroughs and the dosage will need to go up.  She was so upset and crying as I called her Cardiologist's office that day and they told me to bring her to the ER if it didn't stop. I know God heard her cries and saw her tears because for the first time EVER she didn't end up having to go to the ER during her SVT episode. She was actually able to break it on her own and stay home as opposed to the usual result, which is an admission to the hospital.  We were encouraged by that for sure and incredibly thankful!! 
Julianne got a MAJOR hair cut! We cut off 10 inches!
In January, she started having heart palpitations along with LOTS of stomach problems.  We did an event monitor for a month, which revealed a different, but not dangerous, rhythm.  For now, she will just continue on her current meds and she sees her Cardiologist again this month.  The palpitations seem to have subsided and she's feeling much better heart-wise. :)

Unfortunately, the belly problems have continued.  It's aggravating and uncomfortable for her and she's beginning to lose weight.  All of the results on her "samples" came back relatively normal except one that was just slightly elevated.  For now she's on a dairy-free, low sugar diet (of which she is NOT a fan). The dairy-free has helped, but did not fix it. She will see her GI doctor again next month. 

She got her first hole-in-one, which was quickly followed by her second hole-in-one!
I can't believe she's finishing up first grade!! Crazy. She's doing so well and we're so very, very, very thankful. I will have more to post as Spring progresses and Summer begins...recitals, end of the year programs, will be a busy, but fun, few months. :) Please join us in praying that she will be healed of these belly troubles and that she will continue to grow and be the healthy, little wild woman she is. :)

And she still loves to hula!

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Anonymous said...

I am praying that Julianne will soon be feeling better. Thank you for sharing your precious girl with us. Love, Jan W