Monday, December 8, 2014

Growing...Sort of

She's seven! I can hardly believe it!

Fall 2014
Our tiny princess is 42 inches and 40 pounds. She's growing on her own growth curve according to her pediatrician and he's not worried about her size.

She plays piano with both hands in her weekly music class, dances ballet with a sweet and wonderful ballet teacher, goes to swim lessons every other week, goes to physical and occupational therapy once a week each and Classical Conversations (home school group) once a week. She keeps us busy!

Spring 2014

When Julianne is not doing school work or one of her weekly activities, she loves to pretend! Seriously, I have to remind her to tell people that she's pretending when she starts talking about her "children". Otherwise we get some pretty strange looks. Her imagination is HUGE! We love it!

She still loves to sing and is especially fond of For King and Country, Mandisa, Taylor Swift and anything her daddy is singing. Just recently she started enjoying Elvis music! We owe that to Lilo and Stitch. Being an Elvis fan myself, I'm not complaining!

Julianne LOVES dresses, especially Hawaiian dresses, and basically refuses to wear shorts, shirts or pants (unless they're UNDER a dress).

She also started watching the Star Wars movies with Kent and has enjoyed them so much that she just might be getting a light saber for Christmas (Don't worry...she doesn't read this!)!

She is enjoying reading more and more and her favorite books to read right now are the Frog and Toad books.  They're so funny! Really! You should read them!

Halloween 2014
G-tube closure surgery, May 2014
Our last real Julianne update was when she got her g-tube out (woo hoo!!). The hole was supposed to close on its own, but it did not. So, she had a quick surgery in May to close it.  Aside from returning to the ER for pain issues, she recovered easily and has completely ended the tube feeding chapter of her life!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, God!! She's eating well and is totally obsessed with bacon. But, who isn't really?

Julianne sees her Ophthalmologist this Friday and Cardiology again in February.  Medical-wise she's doing great! We are so very, very  thankful! This month marks two years with no over-night hospital stays!

God has filled Julianne's precious heart with love for Him and others and we pray that that will only continue to grow! We hope that her 8th year brings as much joy as the 7th did!

 Julianne, we are SO happy that you are our big seven-year-old and we love you more than you could know! 

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