Sunday, January 5, 2014

New year, new app!

I downloaded a blogger app for my phone finally! This will help me update the blog more often! 

2013 was a great, great year for our household. Know why? This is THE FIRST year since Julianne's birth in 2007 that she did not spend one night in the hospital!!!! That's right! Not even one! She made one ER trip, but nothing overnight. This is totally awesome in my book. :)

In other totally awesome news, it has been nearly a year since we last used Julianne's g-tube. She has an appointment with her GI doctor in February and, God-willing, the g-tube will be gone, gone, gone! Woo hoo!!! We've told her we will celebrate however she wants...bowling, putt putt, chuck e. cheese....the choice is hers. She's pretty sure that she wants to do chuck e. cheese. :)

Our Christmas was beautiful and wonderful. It's joy to share the story of Jesus' birth with our girl. Here are a few pictures of our celebration:

We kicked off our Christmas with a Christmas concert! 

Then saw "Frozen" when it was super cold!

We also got our Christmas tree when it was super cold!

Look how grown up she's looking! I can hardly stand it!

Christmas caroling with our church!

Christmas shopping with mommy :)

Enjoying one of her new toys...trying to anyway. Coca wanted to play too. Speaking of Coca, Julianne had an accident that resulted in the end of her glowing glasses! She and Coca were chasing each other around the kitchen when she tripped and went face first into the door frame! Her glasses arm broke off and cut her face and the glasses bruise her around the eye. It could have been much worse! So I'm thankful that the major injury was to the glasses. She has some super cute new red ones. I will get a pic soon!! 

I hope you all had a merry Christmas and that your new year is full of hope and joy! 

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Anonymous said...

We had such a fun time with you all in Zachary. Lily loved having a sleepover with Julianne. Sooo much fun! Let's do it again soon. Julianne is such a happy and healthy girl thanks to all you and Kent do for her. We love you all. Mimi and Lily will come for a Princess Tea Party Day soon. Love you, Aunt Toni and Uncle Jake