Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guess who's SIX???

That's right! I can hardly believe it! Julianne turned six a few weeks ago! Every year is such a celebration for our family.  We so enjoy celebrating her life and remembering how thankful we are that God made us her parents! 

I've got party pics, but first here's a few six-year-old Julianne stats:

  • She's about to lose her 3rd and 4th teeth. One of them is almost totally sideways, but that booger just won't come out! I am hoping this will not mean an extra dentist trip.
  • She's very much into Disney princesses and sleeps with sleeping beauty every night!
  • Not only the princesses, but Julianne also loves the step-sisters and all the "bad queens"
  • She's totally obsessed with her own future wedding.  So far, she says she will get married at Zachary Community Church, on a Sunday, Grammy will be her flower girl, her groom will sing as he walks down the aisle, and she and Kent will sing a duet as they walk in.  I TOTALLY hope the singing thing happens!! That would be an awesome wedding! Just this week she added that her husband will be a mermaid and it will be my job to make him human, so I guess I will need some training.
  • She love, love, loves to look at her baby book, scrapbooks and photo books and hear the story of her "ages"..."Tell me the story of when I was 4!!"
  • Our smart little girl, is not only beautiful but also has become the guardian of playgrounds, play areas and pretty much anywhere you could find a crying or sad child.  She always goes to them to find out what's wrong and tries to make them happy.  It's so sweet. She told me that's her job. :-)
  • She's just as bold and courageous as she's ever been! I pray that God will continue that in her and that she will use that boldness to share the love of Jesus with people for years to come! 
  • Oh! And how could I forget, SHE'S EATING ALL SOLID FOOD!! NO MORE PUREES!!
  • AND she's still a tiny princess at 37 pounds and just 39.75 inches...tiny body, huge personality. :-) 
Now for the party!! She's been asking why we never have a Royal Ball for like a year, so we thought the perfect party for her would be a Royal Ball party! We worked hard to transform our house into a ballroom as best we could.  We are still pulling staples out of the wall! It was so worth it though. This was her first party with other kids and I think she really enjoyed it! It was supposed to rain all day so we ended up doing the whole party inside.  It wasn't exactly what I planned and became a little cramped in the kitchen, but all was well and the birthday girl loved her day! I hope she will remember it forever. I know I will! :-)

Royal Photo Area

The Royal Ballroom

Royal Dress-up Area

More Royal Dress-up Area

Our Cinderella

This little Prince's mommy (whom I've known for the last 16 of my own birthdays)
 gave me permission to post his pic! And aren't you glad she did?

I love this picture! Julianne just looks so happy!!
Royal Family Photo thanks to David Hebert

Cinderella and her Prince Charming

What a princess!

She loved every minute :-)

In Julianne's words, "When everybody leaves the spell will be broken" so she had to change out of her gown.


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great party. I'm sure Julianne had a wonderful 6th birthday. Mommy, you did a great job. I only wish that Lily and I could have been there to help you all celebrate. We WILL come to play really soon, though. We love you all so much.
Love, Aunt Toni and Uncle Jake

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an adorable idea for an adorable little girl. Happy Birthday 6th Julianne!
Judy Haynes

Anonymous said...

She is such a beautiful soul! Love the décor for the Ball. Great job Mom! Give Julianne our love and wishes for a wonder 6th year.
Mary Katherine

Unknown said...


Ever Godward!
Mark Fee

Rebecca said...

SIX!!!!!!! What a gift!!! :)

LOVE her party! It was perfect!