Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Day of Good News

More good news today! Julianne's platelets have been above 100,000 for her last two lab draws. Her hemoglobin and RBC came up too! The hematologist said she considers that "stable" and we should be going home soon. Julianne is going to start the new antibiotic, aspirin and maybe plavix and if she does well, she should be home in the next day or so! She will need weekly lab checks and visits with the hematologist until she returns to "normal". She needs weekly labs on the Cipro anyway, so, while it won't be fun, that really isn't a huge deal. The hematologist believes this really did all stem from the Bactrim suppressing her bone marrow production.

We are so grateful for all of your prayers. We know God hears them and we are so thankful that He is healing our baby girl! :)


Kathy Caperton said...

Wonderful news!!!! May God continue to bless Julianne with his healing hand. Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...