Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where-Oh-Where Has All The Time Gone?

Its been spent on fun. :) Things are going well. Julianne is doing much better as far as being afraid of everyday things are concerned. She's walking in the grass and on the concrete without holding our hands. She's taking baths and getting her hair washed without crying. She's playing in the pool. Therapies are going well and we are in the process of transitioning from the Early Steps program to the Zachary Community School system for therapy services. Eating is always a struggle, but that's ok. We're always working on it. In fact, she has a swallow study coming up on August 23rd. If you could pray that she'll calm down enough to eat/drink all that is needed for the test we would be grateful. :) Doctors offices, doctors, nurses, scales, measuring tapes are still pretty upsetting for her, so I'm not sure how this swallow study is going to go. Oh! And Julianne is attending her first class at the Little Gym tomorrow. If it goes well we might sign her up for their fall parent/child class.

Now, for pictures:

We've been having a blast swimming (when its not raining)...

...playing in the sand and water (mostly water)...

...pouring as much water into the grass as possible...

...swinging with great big bouncy balls...

...and swinging without great, big bouncy balls.

Julianne had fun playing with her friend Ava.

She's been dancing, dancing, dancing...

...and "running"...

...and snuggling.

She had a great time at the zoo with her friend Myles.

She got SERIOUS about drinking water at the zoo!

We took Julianne to her first movie...a free showing of VeggieTales, "Jonah. That lasted 10 minutes! Ha ha! She loved it, but she was a little loud for the other viewers.

Julianne has been busy looking way too grown-up...

...swimming in Grandpa and Grammie's pool...

...laughing and playing...

...and "jumping" to Daddy.

She's been a beautiful Hawaiian princess!!

Julianne's cousins came for a visit and we made them all play in this one corner! Just kidding...they were all playing in that one corner though, kinda funny.

They helped pick all of the pears before the raccoons took any more!

All of the Caperton Couisins
Left to Right: Canon, Cash, Jed, Story, Julianne and Riley

Watching Mickey with Cash and Canon (that's not some weirdo couch, we'd moved the futon mattress to another room for sleeping purposes)

We had a great time!

Today: Julianne and Coca coloring and waiting for Daddy to get home

It's been a wonderful month. I can hardly believe that in one more month our baby will be three years old. Its always bittersweet to watch Julianne grow. Bitter because she's ever-so-slowly becoming a little girl instead of a baby, but oh-so-sweet because she's here and she's growing. :) Thanks for checking in on our baby boo and thank you for all of your prayers and love for our family.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Such great pictures onf Julianne's summer fun!! She is growing up right before our eyes!

What great things God has done for her that she is able to enjoy just being a little girl with her friends and cousins too!!

I hope she enjoys her gym class. I have a good feeling she will:)

I will pray that her swallow study goes well.

I love you all and thank you so much for the pictures and update!

Love aunt\great Suzette

Julie Miles said...

I have the same problem keeping our blog updated but at least you made time for pictures in your update! I can't believe how big she's getting (well I guess I can b/c mine just turned 3 last week!) Glad to hear that Julianne's starting to not have as many fears about everything & we'll be praying for her next swallow study.

Heart Hugs,

Julie, Dan & Ethan Miles

Rebecca said...

Love all the pictures! She is looking more and more like a big girl!
What a special summer y'all have had!
God is so good...Julianne is proof!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Jessica! Such great pics.. she is so beautiful and great pics with the cousins. And I kinda like the weirdo couch. LOL
Love Aunt Gnome

Anonymous said...

So thrilled to see your update and all of the pics of your sweet girl.
Looks like you all have been busy.
God loves you!

Jan Tompkins

Anonymous said...

The pictures are heartwarming - thank you for sharing them with us.

Love Aunt Sarah