Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Here is some exciting news: JULIANNE MIGHT GET DISCHARGED TOMORROW! We would still have to stay in the area until her follow-up visit later in the week, but I think she'll be thrilled just to be out of the hospital!! We have our flight home scheduled for Friday, so hopefully we'll make that!! Tomorrow's discharge depends on her chest x-ray, lab results and if Dr. Breitbart says she's good to go! We certainly want to make sure she's ready. We don't want to leave just to come right back up here again. No matter how much we'd (that includes Julianne) like to head home, we want what's safest for Julianne. The fluid in her chest looked better again, so they were able to drop one dose of the Diurel (a diuretic). Please join us in praying that the fluid will continue to dry up and that tomorrow's chest x-ray will be even better.

We did more playing today and even met up with some "heart friends" from Louisiana when they arrived this evening. It was a rainy day here today so we didn't really get any garden time. We did walk out onto a smaller garden for a few minutes though.

Julianne showing us who this trip is all about :)

With mommy in another garden

Petting the wall dogs

Balancing on her ball (her therapists would be so proud)

Thanks for checking in on us! I hope that tomorrow at this time I'll be typing, "We're all at the Devon Nicole House!" We're thanking God for another great day and praying for continued healing for Julianne. Thank you for all of your sweet words! It always brightens our day.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Such exciting news!!

I am glad that you all had a lazy Sunday with no surprises.

I will pray that fluid just drys right up.

She is sooo cute and coordinated balaning on that ball! I wish I could do that!!

Can't wait to see you all!

Lots of love,

Aunt -Great Suzette

Anonymous said...

That is great news! I'll be praying for the best for her!
Love you Aunt Omi

Anonymous said...

Praying! Praying! Praying you all the way home in His timing. LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! Grammie

Kerri said...

So super happy things are going so well for you all. You all are amazing! It gives me such hope and inspiration to see how beautifully you all are handling such a tough time! Way to go!!

Continuing to pray for sweet Julianne! Kerri

Danielle Roblin said...

So very excited to hear you guys may be able to head home later this week! I'm missing my sweet Julianne! Tell her I AM VERY proud of all that great balancing she's doing on that ball! We're continuing to send prayers your way...hope you all have a wonderful day!

-Danielle Roblin

Anonymous said...

That's sooo awesome!!!
I'm hoping to see a post soon that says "we're out!"
If you didn't know Julianne, you would never even know she was sick! She is such a happy person!! I'm so happy that everything is going well!!! You guys have been such great parents and Julianne is a very lucky girl to have you guys!! And, on that same note, you guys are very lucky to have such a sweet and happy baby girl!!
Can't wait to see y'all when you get home!!
Love always,