Monday, May 31, 2010

Today Is Not The Day

Today is not the day we lose the chest tube. Julianne drained another 126ml yesterday and the surgeon (one of the same that has seen her since she was just a few days old) didn't feel comfortable pulling it with that kind of drainage. Having to put a drainage tube BACK IN would be a big setback. It would mean she'd go back to the CICU and have to be fully sedated. We don't want that! So, we will wait until she's dry enough to get the chest tube out. God's timing is perfect. Not to mention, we've had friends who have drained wayyyyyy longer than this! So, I'm thankful that her drainage does seem to be lessening even though its not enough to remove the tube yet.

Weird little bit here...a hospital volunteer just finished loudly singing "Danny Boy" in another language to our roommate. I mention that because Julianne is napping. Ahhhh...roommates. :) The volunteers are seriously great though. They rock and stroll babies who's parents can't be here all the time. Did I post that we got moved to a "B Space" the other day? Well, we did. Yay! Its a little bigger than the space we had and it has a window. Plus, our current roommates are a lot quieter than the previous ones. Thankful for a B Space!

Thanks for checking in on Memorial Day. We're so grateful for all of the prayers. :) I will try to post some pictures this evening!


Anonymous said...

Timing is everythi g so hopefully more will drain today and maybe it will be gone tomorrow!
Love you all Aunt omi

Anonymous said...

I know those tubes are uncomfortable. I hope tomorrow's the day. Love Sarah Frank and Kyle

Anonymous said...

We continue praying. God's timing is perfect. Thank you for the updates and all the pictures. Julianne is such a cutie!!
Erin C. & family

Ragincajun said...

We will continue to pray!! Yay for B beds!!! Yay for quiet roommates!! God is so good, and His timing is perfect. I know how deep the desire is to go home, and we trust that you will soon. Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that the doctors are not rushing things.

I am glad you all have a better room and roomates.

I am praying for continued healing of Julianne and that you all can come home soon.

Love to all of you

Aunt\Great Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

Been out of town a few days and so happy to check in and see Julianne doing so well! She looks great! Still praying for y'all!

Love you guys,