Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Update and Pictures (some post-op)

Pictures I took the Friday before we left:

We can't wait to see that smile again!

The night went pretty well. Nothing unexpected is what we're told. She continued to get a lot of volume overnight. For those who would like the medical details she got 1150 ml of albumin from the time she came back from surgery until about 6 AM today. This was to keep her blood pressure up. She also got some blood and platelets overnight and this morning and that has helped her out too. The chest tubes continue to drain, but seem to be lessening. She was started on Lasix around lunch time and that should help get some fluid off. Julianne is still intubated. She is still being paced with the external pacemaker and seems to be in an out of a "junctional rhythm". They still feel that all of this is relatively "normal" for a patient so recently post-op. She does have an elevated temp this afternoon of 100.2 F. They've told us that they don't get worried unless she's more than 24 hours post-op...which she's not. A fever within the first 24 hours is still considered normal.

Julianne has been trying to wake up again today. They started her on an IV med to keep her sedated and she's still trying to wake up. Of course the first thing she wants to do when she moves is pull out that ventilator tube! So, her hands are restrained now. I would love for her to wake up and start talking and giving us kisses, but its still too soon for that. We are anxious for that time though. :)

Thank you for all of your prayers for our family. We are so very, very thankful. Julianne is truckin' along and making progress. She hasn't gotten any more Albumin since this morning and her blood pressure is staying where it should. She's also tolerating the Lasix well. That is great! The nurse just told me she will probably be extubated late tonight or early tomorrow morning depending on the chest x-ray and drainage. We'll be looking forward to that! Please continue to pray that recovery goes well and that Julianne continues to make progress. Also, Kent's parents head back to Lafayette tomorrow, so prayers for safe travel would be appreciated.

Finally, we decided to post a picture of Julianne today. Please know that its not posted to make you worry, or to shock you or anything like that. We decided to post it because a picture can convey so much more about the seriousness of her heart defect and surgery than my words can. HLHS is one of the MOST complex heart defects known. It's actually a group of heart defects. So anyway, please don't feel like you have to look at it, but below is a post-op picture. Proceed with caution, but know that things are going well and she looks "good":


Anonymous said...

What a brave baby! God will continue to bless you all. WOW! I must say that those pics are heart wrenching and brought tears to my eyes. I'm not sure how my daughter takes care of these babies on a daily basis (guess that is why they only work 3 12 hour shifts.
And, they aren't her bio babes, but she loves them none the less.

You are all remarkable and give so much hope to others. Keep up the good fight. God loves you all.

Jan Tompkins, SC
(via Annabelle's blog)

Anonymous said...

Of course Julianne looks beautiful. I know when Uncle Jake gets a chance (on his way to India right now) to see these pictures, they will bring back memories. Hope her recovery is quick. We are always thinking good thoughts. Julianne is sooo brave and strong, just like mommy and daddy. We love you all.

Love, Aunt Toni and Uncle Jake

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Altough it hurts my heart to see her this way I know that it is all for good reasons.

I am so happy that Julianne is responding so well to all the medications and procedures.

I know you just want to pick her up and cuddle and kiss her and make it all better. But it seems that this time is not far away.

Stay strong and continue to trust in the Lord. Your Faith and strength amazes me!

God Bless you all and Kents parents as they travel back home as I know that it must be hard to leave.

Love and Kisses
Aunt\Great Suzette

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing all the's helps us to know how to pray even more specifically. Those precious pictures you took are beautiful! She amazes us all!

HIS perfect peace & HOPE~ Rebecca

Ragincajun said...

She looks great!!! Praise the Lord for what sounds like a good day. You all remain in our prayers... Sometimes it's still overwhelming, but we are so blessed to have a loving and gracious God who continues to take care of all of our needs.