Friday, May 21, 2010

Beginning the road to recovery

So, its about 10:30 here and things just started settling down in Julianne's room about 45 minutes-ish ago. Its really a delicate balance after surgery. Nothing is going on that they didn't anticipate. Julianne has been dealing with low blood pressures, temperature changes, rhythm issues, lots of drainage and some tachycardia. They've been giving her a lot of volume (albumin) and that seems to be helping with the blood pressure. They've kept her temp from going any higher using ice and tylenol so that's great! She is being paced right now using an external pacemaker that is attached to pacing wires coming out of her chest. She's still draining a lot and it really just varies how long that will continue. Overall, she's doing well. Like I said, we've been told its nothing that was not expected. She is starting to wake up a little and right now she needs to stay asleep. That's a pretty delicate balance as well. There is a possibility that she could be extubated by morning if all goes well. She's still got a ways to go so please continue the prayers for our JuJuBee. We are ever so grateful for them.

Kent and I ate dinner in the waiting room and when we came back one of the nurses (actually the same nurse that Julianne had before her first surgery) put Julianne's hair in pig-tails to deal with the knots. Its very cute. :) I am posting a post-op picture now so, be cautious when scrolling down. The picture I'm posting is really pretty mild. Julianne's nurse is still giving her constant care, so I didn't want to be flashing the camera in her face. Sooooo I just got a picture of her cute little pig-tailed head for now. Even with all of this stuff on and in her, she is still so beautiful to us. Its almost like I can't even see the wires and tubes...I just see my precious girl sleeping. We're thanking God for the skilled hands and minds that worked on our baby today and for his ever-present guidance for Julianne's doctors and nurses and comfort for Julianne, for us and for the rest of our family.

About 3 hours post-op...Sleep tight, boo boo. :)


Elysmom said...

awww, she looks good. i was expecting a lot of swelling.

Anonymous said...

What angels those nurses are!! They are so caring and precious to our little ones. She looks wonderful and I pray for an easy and uneventful night and good rest for you all. Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world! How wonderfully He uses Boston Children's!!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Praising God and rejoicing with you! Bless her sweet little heart... she looks beautiful! Praying for a complete recovery...

love to you,


Anonymous said...

Oh she looks like sleeping beauty!!

I am so thankful to God through him all blessings flow.

I keep heaing the song "Our God is an awesome God" playing over and over in my head!

I pray that Julianne's recooperation will be quick and uneventful.

Thank you to the Doctors and nurses of Boston Childrens hospital for taking care of our little Julianne.

I hope you all have a peaceful sleep tonight.

I love you all,

Aunt\Great Suzette

Emma Kate said...

I am so happy that all went well with the surgery! Thanks so much for the updates and pictures. We will continue to pray for sweet baby girl.

P.S. Those pigtails are almost too much cuteness to handle :)

Anonymous said...

How precious your sweet baby is!! We rejoice with you in praising God for answered prayers. We continue to pray for her recovery.
Erin C.

Carrie said...

So glad the surgery was a success! Praying she had a good night!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! We are so glad the surgery is behind you. Wishing her a safe and speedy recovery. Love aunt Sarah Frank and Kyle

Rebecca said...

She's beautiful! Those pigtails really show off how long her hair is! Now, for just a bow on each one! :)

Praying for her recovery!


Ragincajun said...

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!!! You all have been on my heart and mind a lot this past week. Phew! You're almost there! I look forward to that 3rd surgery being over. We'll continue to pray for a smooth and speedy recovery! Praise the Lord for Dr. Breitbart and Dr. Pigula! I don't know if they realize how many people are praying for them, but we know He is using them...

Hope's Blog said...

I love the pig-tails. She has a wonderful nurse and great care. She will remain in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Anonymous said...

You're right! She does look ever so beautiful!! Even with all those crazy tubes!! I def think the pigtails are a fabulous look for Julianne!! She's so precious!!
I've been waiting all day and night for my "juliannes blog update" email and I'm so relieved to see the posts!
Thinking of y'all always!!

Jason, Denyse, Hannah and Carter said...

She looks adorable! We continue to think and pray for you. Please keep us posted.

Mark said...

Words cannot express how grateful I am that we serve a great and magnificent God! I am so pleased that she got through this operation as she has.

Granted she was the one who underwent the operation, but I feel as if it was my heart that was at stake here. I appreciate y'all,

For the Cause of Christ,