Monday, March 8, 2010

We Have Surgery Dates

Yup...we do. We will leave on April 26th for Julianne's Fontan surgery. She is scheduled to have her pre-cath work up on the 27th, a cath, brain MRI and Neurology appointment on the 28th and then surgery on Friday, the 30th of April. We are so thankful to have gotten a room at the Devon Nicole House again (now called Patient Family Housing and includes a beautiful new Yawkey Family Inn a few blocks away).

We ask for your prayers as we prepare to go back into "hospital mode". Please pray, of course, for an uneventful surgery and recovery for Julianne and also for peace for her sweet mind. I know she will be scared. She is not a fan of people in scrubs, gloves, white coats, stethescopes, scales, height measurements, thermometers...pretty much anything that happens in a medical facility. She does love to tell them "BYE BYE!" though. Please pray for peace for us as well. This is not something we're looking forward to, but we will be relieved to have it behind us.

In lighter news, we took Julianne to the zoo this weekend and had a great time! I will try to post some pictures this week. :) Thanks for checking in on us!


Mark said...

If y'all are in 'hospital mode' again, then we're in prayer mode 'again.'

I swear, your little angel has experienced more life events than I have, and I'm a wee bit older. Oh how our gracious heavenly Father must love her to give such things to bear!

We love Y'all,

In Christ's love,

Jason, Denyse, Hannah and Carter said...

It is a relief to finally have that date and to know soon it will all be behind you. However, it is the "waiting period" that can be most difficult. You don't want the day to come but yet it can't come (and go) fast enough!!

You will all be in our prayers. We know God will continue to hold Sweet Julianne in the palm of His hand.

We love ya'll!

The Englerts

jan tompkins said...

I agree with Mark.... we will be in prayer mode also.

She is such a beauty and full of God's love and grace.

God loves you and we all do too.

Jan Tompkins via Annabelle's blog

Anonymous said...

I pray for greater strength for the entire family. And that Julianne will not be as fearful and that the staff that gives her care will give her gentle loving care.
Love you all
Aunt Naomi

Elysmom said...


melissa said...

Hi there. I've been following your blog and have just read the news. We have a son with HRHS, TA, TGA, CoA, VSD, and ASD. Tyson has had the Norwood and Glen and will be having the Fontan sometime in the next 6-9 months. He is 15 months old now. Anyway, you can read about him on his blog
We will keep Julianne and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Praying that God will give you the strength as you prepare to once again place her life in the hands of the doctors and surgeons. Know that even though you must let go of her hand during surgery, God never will!

Anonymous said...

I will pray that God gives you comfort and peace in knowing that he is in control.

Julianne is one tough little cookie and I have faith that God will give her the strength to get through this next step in her precious life.

God Bless you all!!

Love Aunt Suzette

Rebecca said...

Praying for that sweet cheeky pretty girl!!!

She holds a very, very special place in our hearts!

We will be lifting you all in prayer even more so as you approach this next surgery.

Thanks for all the recent updates...I can't get enough of her!

Love & HOPE~ Rebecca