Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Mia

Recently we were contacted by a family in the New Orleans area who had a very similar experience to ours when we found out about Julianne's HLHS. Just as we were, they were given no hope by the doctors they'd seen in their home city (Keep in mind these are NOT the Ochsner doctors that Julianne saw while we lived in New Orleans. They were always realistic and positive about Julianne's HLHS. Unfortunately, we didn't meet them until AFTER Julianne was born.). Baby Mia's family has decided to seek treatment for her at one of the best pediatric heart hospitals in the country. A website has been set up in baby Mia's honor to help them raise money for their upcoming trip and surgeries. They will be having various fundraisers and have a donation link as well. Please keep this family in your prayers and check out their website when you have a moment. www.hearthugs4mia.com


The Marrone Family said...

A HUGE thank you to the Caperton family. Thank you for your support! We truly value the "friendship" we have formed with you guys and hope it will grow when Mia comes home. Thanks Again..Love, The Marrone's

Mark said...

This warrants prayer! How many babies are born with this?Do the doctors know what causes this?

jan tompkins said...

Thanks for all the update on your sweet Julianne and for the info on MIA. Will be checking in on her after posting here.

Julianne looks wonderful and I know must be a joy for you both ALL the time.