Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Day!

I'm a little late with my snow post, but as soon as it stopped snowing we left to go to Houston. So...there was no time to post that day. I had to share these pictures though. Julianne LOVED the snow. Even when she was wet and cold I'd ask her, "Are you ready to go inside?" and she'd say, "No. I stay snow!" Finally, I had to say no more snow and go warm that girl up! It was a wonderful time and even though the snow only lasted a few hours it made precious memories that I'll always treasure. And of course there are videos...

Julianne wasn't really into touching the snow...only if she fell down in it! I did have her throw one snowball. She was pretty disappointed when it broke! Ha ha! Unfortunately, no video. I'll have to save that one in my brain. I do have a video of her walking in the snow!

In other news, Julianne has Strep Throat. It is definitely not fun. She's had a difficult time with her feedings, but seems to be over the hump now and is making her recovery. She's going to the doctor tomorrow just for a quick visit to make sure all is well.

Thanks for checking in on our Ju-Ju Bee! As always, thank you for your prayers for Julianne. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is so cute! What wonderful pictures and video!

Love AuntGnome

Mark said...

What a great way to celebrate and remember SNOW! Livin' at its best!!

God bless y'all.


Anonymous said...

Always happy to find an update on Julianne. We had a "little" snow in coastal SC and got a few great pics.
Sorry she has S throat but know she will overcome that soon. The videos and pics are just darling. God Bless all of you!!!!

Jan Tompkins
Via Annabelle's Blog

Anonymous said...

She is the cutest little snow bunny ever!!

She has such a busy schedule what with playing in the snow, superbowl parties, road trips etc.

God bless her and heal her throat soon so she will be ready for the next thing on her busy agenda!

Love you all,
Aunt Suzette

Rebecca said...

LOVE her in the snow! What great pictures! Her little voice is just the sweetest thing I've heard...well, except for Luke's little "aye" which, of course, I'm convinced is hey for baby talk. (Is it even possible for them to say words at 6 months?)
Hope y'all are staying warm!!!
We love checking in on your beautiful family, too!!!

Love & prayers~ Rebecca