Sunday, November 1, 2009

In a Month

Show me "sad", Julianne!

In a month, since our last update, Julianne has had lots of fun! We had a pretty busy month, but enjoyed it very much. A very exciting part of this month was that we closed on our house!! I can't remember if I posted on the blog or not that we'd been looking for a house since April. We didn't have any prospects by July and it didn't look to promising, so we decided to rent for a while. We moved into the rental and 6 weeks later were informed that there was a problem with the construction and we had to move out. Two days after that we made an offer on the "perfect" house. We're currently painting and doing some small renovations and will be moving into the house in the next few weeks. We're so excited to be Zachary residents!

On the first weekend in October, we went to Lafayette to visit Kent's parents, Julianne's Mimi and Papa. We had a great time and Julianne enjoyed spending time with her grandparents.

Mimi, Julianne and Papa

In the second weekend in October we spent a nice Saturday at home and Julianne spent some time "playing" daddy's guitar before we headed off to a wedding.

We were also able to attend the 2nd Annual LPCF reunion picnic that weekend. LPCF stands for Louisiana Pediatric Cardiac Foundation. We were able to see several of our "heart friends" and enjoy some good food and play time for Julianne.

Standing all by herself for the group picture!

Mommy totally failed at getting a good picture of the whole group. :/

Releasing balloons!

Julianne decided to squeeze hers until it popped instead.

In the third weekend in October Julianne attended her first birthday party for a friend. She went to her friend Myles' party and although she was a little too young and wobbly to run with the bigger kids, she had fun bouncing in one of the fun jumps, playing with hula hoops and seeing her friend.

Julianne and Myles

We also had our harvest picnic at church that Sunday, during which Julianne spent most of her time on the swing. That girl LOVES to swing!!

Finally, this weekend we had plans to attend a Halloween function at one of the church's here in Zachary on Friday, but it was postponed. Maybe next year. We did get to take Julianne Trick-or-Treating for the first time! She'd tell the people, "Chich-a-cheat!!!" We loved it! We only went to a few neighborhood houses along with my parents and grandparents.

"Trick-or-treat, Grandpa, Grammie and Aunt Laura!"

I really wish I hadn't make this video SIDEWAYS, but I did. If anyone knows how to fix it please let me know. :) This is Julianne trick or treating at my grandparents' house, Julianne's greatgrandparents - PawPaw and MawMaw.

Afterward, we took our little pumpkin to eat with my family at Sammy's.


Anonymous said...

Cute little pumpkin! Thank you for sharing your treat. Its great to see your grandparents too!


Anonymous said...

Jessica I enjoyed the update so much. Julianne is so adorable and precious. Her Halloween costume is just precious. Congratulations on your new home too - how exciting. Mother would be so thrilled to see Julianne doing so well.
With Love,

Anonymous said...

Well luckily I have an iPhone and the "sideways video" was no problem to watch cause I just turned my phone around!! Lol I love it!! I can't believe how grown up she is!!
I'm sooooo disapointed that I didn't get to see u guys when y'all came to Lafayette! : (
but the pics are really cute and I love her UL outfit!! Good choice!!! : )
can't wait to see the new house!! I'm so excited for y'all! I'm coming visit just as soon as y'all move in!! I miss y'all! It's been waaaay too long!!
Love y'all!! Xoxo!!

Anonymous said...

She just makes me smile so much! So cute!!!
Love aunt omi

Anonymous said...

She looked sooooooooooo adorable!! Very exciting month!!


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

WHO DAT SAINTS! Love that Saints outfit. Can't wait to get Julianne's soon to be new (boy or girl) cousin a SAINTS shirt from his or her Gammie,too. Hope you are able to move in your new house soon. Looking forward to some pictures of it on the blog. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Where oh where is Julianne? I sure do miss her. Hoping all is OK and that you are going to post soon, and, of course, upload some pics of her beautiful self!!!

Jan Tompkins, SC

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