Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a week!

I can hardly believe I'm typing this, but....


Seriously! No Joke! Eating.

It basically happened overnight. We have been transitioning Julianne to blended foods tube feedings (we're up to 4 blended food feedings of the 5 tube feedings per day). Which consist of baby food, yogurt, formula and water (for now). I was mixing the yogurt and baby food one day and Julianne was sitting with me and getting annoyed. So, to distract her I said, "Here, have a bite" and wiped the spoon on her lips like we do all the time. Amazingly, she liked it and wanted more! So, with promises of saying her favorite praise word "Aw-aw-aw-some" if she took a bite, she ate bite after bite after bite until she finished an entire ounce of food! I thought at first that it might not continue, but it has! This started last Thursday. Its now been a week and she's up to an ounce and a half per feeding! While this is nowhere near what she needs to eat to give up the tube feedings, it is WAY more progress than we've ever made before! The great thing is that I'm not just sneaking the spoon into her mouth while she's talking or smiling. She's leaning forward, opening her mouth and then closing it on the spoon. We are thanking God for giving us this wonderful development that we've prayed for for so long!

If that wasn't good enough news...

She's tasting table food! Yup, also a brand new development. On Memorial Day Julianne decided it was a great day to start licking and tasting bread, potato salad and basically anything we put in front of her (tomatoes, cookies, crackers, chicken....anything she can pick up). She hasn't eaten any of it yet and probably isn't ready for chewing right now anyway, but she has NEVER done this before. The closest we've ever come was that we got her to lick a piece of corn...twice. This is much, much better. She even gets bits of the food on her tongue and doesn't gag!! Julianne says it best....


Finally to add icing to the cake...

Julianne took two steps without holding on to anything! It was kind of a step-step-lunge toward mommy motion. :) She wasn't actually walking, but she was being brave and trying something she'd never done before (she usually just laughs and falls forward at us) and we are so proud of our baby boo!

God blessed us with a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL week!

Now, in less than spectacular, but still noteworthy news, Julianne got a haircut. We carefully removed the mullet and gave our baby boo a respectable bob. She didn't put up too much of a fight and to make that happen I didn't work too hard to even it out. :)




We've got a busy week coming up. We're heading to Lafayette for Julianne's Papa's surgery, having Occupational Therapy (which is going well, by the way) and then going to the Ophthalmologist appointment on Friday. We also finally got our pre-approval for a home loan worked out and are looking for a house more seriously now. In fact, we are looking at 4 houses tomorrow! Its kind of scary, but exciting too!

To update you on a few of our friends:

Emma Kate is healing from her surgery and is back home from Boston! Yay! Thank you so much for your prayers for our friend. :)

Sofi is still on the ventilator and is trying to regain enough strength to be extubated,. Please continue to keep this sweet girl in your prayers.

Thank you so much for checking in on our busy girl! Julianne is doing so well....we are truly amazed with every new development. We are so thankful that God has blessed us with the opportunity to love her, teach her and watch her grow and we are so grateful for our family and friends who love and pray for our baby boo.


Krissy said...

This news is SOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! What a big girl she is! Her hair looks so adorable too!

kelleyo said...

Grammy failed to mention this important news the other day at the office! We are so excited about this. Julianne has had a tremendous week catching up in several areas! God is bringing her every step!
Grace must bring her a "truly free" cupcake sometime.
Kelley O

Anonymous said...

We are EXCITED to see so many new developements.......she is growing and getting stronger and stronger every day.......Love the new hairdo....did Grammie give the first cut like she did for Brant?? We'll see you this weekend!!


A. Stac

Julie Miles said...

Thanks for the update! Praise the Lord for all the wonderful accomplishments in the last week! I know that is so encouraging for Julianne to finally be interested in eating food...and without gagging! Way to go God...and Julianne!

Drew Caperton said...

Congratulations, Julianne! And congratulations to you guys, too. I know this is the fruit of a lot of hard work that is finally paying off. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That's aw-aw-awesome! We are so happy for you guys.

Love NSG Aunt Sarah

Elysmom said...

how exciting! i know you must be over the top. that's how Elyse started too. just one day she decided to taste (after we reduced her tubing feeding intake) and that was it.

i gave her some fruit puree and a baby biscuit to dip in. She made a huge mess, but she loved it.

Rachel Dominguez said...

Wow what an AMAZING post! I felt down in the dumps most of today, but not now! This is the best news ever!!! And the Hair looks great!

The Butcher Family said...

I seriously don't think I've ever cried over hearing that a baby is eating but there are tears streaming down my face for Julianne! This is amazing news!!!! I am so thrilled for y'all and will be praying that it continues to go well. She is such a big girl with that cute little hairdo, too! I love it! Wyatt was about 18 months when I finally had to give in and give him his first haircut and chop off his one and only curl. Love, love sharing these priceless milestones with you!
Love you, friend~ Rebecca

The Butcher Family said...

oh my goodness, and I forgot to mention her walking!!! What precious gifts!
(By the way, I have to mention the adorably HUGE red bow! I LOVE IT!!!)

Emma Kate said...

Wow!! I am not believing this!! What amazing news! I am SO thankful for ALL of Julianne's recent developments. God is SO good :)

P.S. Thanks so much for keeping everyone updated on EK's progress on your blog! The more prayers, the better!


Anonymous said...


So happy to check in on Julieanne and read such wonderful news. She is truly a miracle. Love all your videos and pics of her. Her h/c is just too too cute!!! Thanks for the update. Good luck to Julieanne's poppa with his surgery.

(via Annabelle's blog)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see that Julianne is eating up a storm and taking more steps. She is such an inspiration.

God has blessed you two with a strong, smart beautiful daughter and his tapestry is unfolding to reveal his promise to reward your faithfulness.

Have a safe trip and I pray that all goes well with Julianne's Papa's surgery.

I miss you all and love you.

Great Aunt Suzette

Jen said...

I should restrain myself from what I am about to say, but "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" I am so happy that I was right (ha ha). Blended tube feeds and time are miracle workers for kids like ours. Don't know why; just know that it is so. Happy happy week to you :) Isn't it a great feeling to have her doing "normal" stuff?!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Caperton family,

This is all good news! I read about JC's progress every week and this was a milestone set of events!

What a testament to God's glory! As you bless your daughter please know that we are blessed by your faithfulness and love.

Still praying in Texas,
Mark Fee