Monday, May 18, 2009

Julianne's first trip to the Zoo!

**Emma Kate Update** Emma Kate had her surgery today and is doing well. Please continue to keep this little girl and her family in your prayers. :)

Before we get to the zoo, I wanted to show you Julianne's latest interest. Opening the door...she says she want's to "touch keys" but really she wants to mess with the doorknob. Its actually kind of a good thing. Julianne's physical therapist wants her to do more reaching up and this is the perfect activity for reaching!

Julianne took her first trip to the zoo this past Saturday. We were in New Orleans for my cousin's graduation and went to the Audubon Zoo the day after. My sister, Laura and Kent's cousin, Craig joined us for the zoo trip. Unfortunately, Julianne wasn't too impressed. She was happy riding around in her stroller though and we enjoyed looking at the animals. :)

Looking at the monkeys with Daddy


Anonymous said...

Love julianne's red hat. Hate the monkeys!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Julianne's zoo pics are so sweet. I love the one going through the sprinkler ! Looks as if she's screaming ...ahhhhhhh!

Love you! Grammie

Anonymous said...

Love her pic in the little skirt!! Great family pic, too!!

Luv Ya

A. Stac