Sunday, April 26, 2009

Update on Sofia

Hey everybody! Thanks so much for your prayers for Miss Sofi. Here's an update from her mom:

"Last night was such a whirlwind, rollercoaster, whatever analogy you can come up with for ups and downs. She was stable on ECMO, and that was something to be grateful for.

Today when I went in, her cardiologist was beaming. He said that she was doing better than they could have ever hoped for! Her heart was responding superbly to ECMO, and they plan to try to wean her off of it on Tuesday. Ahh, I can breathe!"

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Lindsay Dean said...

Thank you!!!! I have always checked the website (even though they are down the hall from us normally!) and didn't even think they also had a carepage! Thanks again~

PS What wonderful news today!!!!!