Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prayer for Sofi

Please pray for Sofi today. Sofi is about 2 weeks older than Julianne. I "met" Sofi's mom on a message board while we were pregnant. She and Julianne both have HLHS. Sofi lives up north and has been waiting for a new heart. Last night she got her heart! Her mom posted that:

"Her [old] heart stopped minutes before they were able to put the new heart in. This could not have come at a more perfect time."

She did well, came off bypass and went back to the CICU seeming to do well. However, this morning there was an update that she is not doing well. Mom's friend writes:

"...Sofi is having a rough morning. There is a possibility that this wasn't the best heart for her little body. The doctors are evaluating her now and deciding if she should be placed on an ECMO. An ECMO is a machine similar to a heart-lung machine. Please continue to pray for Sofi and we'll update more when we can."

Please pray for Sofi this morning. I can only imagine how scared her parents' must be and what they are feeling. Sofi's website is: I will update on how Sofi is doing.


Lindsay Dean said...

Hey there! Question for you....I have been checking in on Sofi all day and I certainly didn't see this alarming update. Where did you see it on her page???
Suzie and the Princess ;-) (Lindsay)

Anonymous said...

I will certainly keep her in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

We will be thinking about little Sofi just as we always think about our cutie little julianne. Keep us posted. We love u all.