Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Swallow Study Results

Julianne had her Modified Barium Swallow yesterday. During this test she was given formula and baby food with barium mixed into them. The purpose was to see what she did with the substances when they went into her mouth, more specifically, whether or not she aspirated (swallowed into her lungs) the substances. She sat in a special seat and they made an x-ray video of where the food and liquids went. The good news was that Julianne did not aspirate at all! Yay! She did well with the thin liquids, but they couldn't get her to swallow any baby food. We're very thankful that she wasn't aspirating.

Unfortunately, the video did show extensive reflux. Reflux to the point that it was coming all the way up to her mouth...we were pretty disappointed about that. They said that although the video showed no aspiration, she is at high risk for aspirating her reflux. The fact that she has had no pneumonias is good because it means that if she has aspirated anything, it hasn't been much. Her reflux meds obviously aren't working. She's already on a higher dose of Prevacid. Since the swallow study she's been very gaggy/vomity.

I am supposed to hear from Julianne's pediatrician today about what plan he recommends for her. I will post an update after her doctor calls.

Please pray for a resolution for this issue. Even though it is minor compared to her heart it is still hard on her. Anyone who's seen her going through a gagging/retching episode knows how hard it is, not only on Julianne, but also on us. Its not like the typical "spit-up" that a baby has.

In lighter news, we have some REALLY cute videos and pictures of Julianne to share. I will try to get them uploaded and post them when I post the doctor's recommendations. :)

Thanks so much for checking in on Julianne!


Julie Miles said...

Yay! What an answer to prayer for not aspirating! I'm sorry to hear that her reflux is still really bad and that the meds are not helping. I'll be praying for wisdom for the peds to know what to do next for sweet little Julianne.

Julie, Dan & Ethan Miles

Anonymous said...

Good news on that front. The reflux will get better. I know I had mentioned to you that my girlfriend's little one had projectile vomiting from reflux, but grew out of it.

We will pray that they find good medication that will minimize this condition.

Can't wait to see the new video and pictures.


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Poor Julianne!! We will be praying that her reflux can be controlled. We are thankful to hear that she had no aspiration. We look forward to the video and pictures!! :)
Erin c.

Allison said...

So sorry about the terrible reflux. I know how hard that can be. I'm always thinking about you guys & hope this reflux thing dies off on its own.

Jen Steele said...

I know how miserable the retching is to witness. It really was so hard for me to feed Giac that first year. If I fed him, he was sick as a dog (retching and gagging). But if I didn't feed him, well, that was not an option. It was a terrible choice for a mother to have to make. I can ony tell you again, as I have told you in the past, that it will likely get better as she gets older. Just hang in there. And, remarkable thing is, most all of the memorably terrible stuff will be over so early in her life that SHE probably won't remember any of it at all. But it is SO hard getting thru. Know that we understand and you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Bless her precious heart! And her parents' precious hearts, too. We continue to pray for Julianne's steady improvement. love, sherry and paul z.